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‘Warcraft’ Teaser Hits the Internet


While we wait for the full Warcraft trailer to arrive on Friday, Legendary Pictures has released a teaser to the full trailer. I have to say I was a little worried this movie would come off as cheesy as the Dungeons and Dragons movies, but this teaser has sparked a flame of hope that it might not be so. (more…)


There’s no doubt that Dave Bautista‘s acting career is on an upswing after he landed, and blew us all way as Drax in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s already scheduled to play the Assassin Mr. Hinx in the upcoming James Bond film Spectre opposite Daniel Craig. Now word is slowly making its way around the Internet that Bautista is about to join another beloved Sci-Fi franchise, Highlander, by taking on one of the series iconic villains in the reboot.



Is it just me or is the casting of Suicide Squad starting to look like a revolving door of speculation on top of whispered rumors? Every time I turn around there’s a new story out about this actor or that actress. If three or more aren’t reading for the same unspecified role then two others are rumored to be leaving the cast. It’s a madhouse I tell you, a madhouse! So click on through to the Suicide Squad Casting Wing of Arkham Asylum and find out what all the crazies are yelling about. (more…)

Clancy Brown Cast In ‘The Flash’


When you tell most people that Clancy Brown has been cast in anything, they’ll probably be like “who?” Then you show them a couple legendary movie role pics and everybody’s all “Oh yeah, that dude.” The 55 year-old actor has built his career around supporting superstars, always the “top kick.” He’s one of those go-to guys for when you need a brusk jerk giving orders. Well, now the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ actor has been tagged for Flash duty, playing a part described as “a tall and imposing man, with a face carved from years of duty.” Seen that before, as the voice and character performer has cashed a lot of checks from playing parts fitting that description. If anyone still has no idea who I’m talking about, let’s get a reminder of just who this guy is and find out what he’s doing on ‘The Flash.’ (more…)


Welcome back to our newly revamped “Retro Reviews” column, where we explore both the movies you know and love, as well as the oft overlooked gems you should be spending more time with. Our third entry is the crazy inspiring sci-fi superhero tale, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)

“Excuse me…is someone out there not having a good time?”

Buckaroo Banzai (Peter Weller) stops a performance by his band, The Hong Kong Cavaliers, so that he can scan the audience. Somebody’s crying and our hero needs to know exactly how anybody could be hurting during their set. Once he locates the source — a spiky-haired pixie named Penny Priddy (Ellen Barkin) – he calms the jeering crowd and informs them that “they don’t have to be mean”. In a moment of zen wisdom, he tells his admirers that the journey in life is all that matters, utilizing a simple maxim that becomes the movie’s guiding force.

“Because no matter where you go…there you are.”


Recently we’ve been talking a lot about Episode I, what with its new 3D release and all, and almost universally there is one thing everyone agrees upon as being the best part of The Phantom Menance: Darth Maul. Sure, he’s on screen for something like 20 minutes and is then, somewhat laughably, cut in half and sent down an exhaust shaft, but when you look back at Episode I trying to rationalize why you might have, at one point in time, liked it, you pull out, “Darth Maul was cool.”

And he was, still is, cool. And he’s back. Friday, March 9th Darth Maul returns on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We’ve learned so much about Maul since Episode I. We’ve learned about his planet, Dathomir and the clans of warrior Nightbrothers and Nightsister witches. We’ve learned he has brothers, Savage Opress and Feral, and now Savage and Maul are having a family reunion.

Maul is voiced by Sam Witwer of Being Human fame and while yes, I’m slightly disappointed Ray Park couldn’t record just a few more lines what I’ve heard of Witwer is perfect. Besides, Park was Maul because he had the moves, that’s slightly less necessary in animation. [Edit: Oops, as a commentor below points out, Park didn’t record Maul’s voice, but rather Peter Serafinowicz provided the voice-over in Episode I. Mea culpa.] Below you can check out a video of Witwer discussing what direction their taking Maul in as well as him recording along with Clancy Brown (Savage Opress). Oh, and a tiny snippet of a clip.

Crazy Maul sounds awesome! I love the idea he’s become this deranged madman hellbent on revenge against Obi-wan. It’s genius, and Witwer brings not only a great voice talent but a lot of his own great ideas. Witwer is no stranger to Star Wars, either. A self-professed fan he’s also voiced The Son in “The Mortis Trilogy” on Clone Wars as well as Starkiller in The Force Unleashed.

I can’t wait for Maul’s return, how about you?

Source: MTV Geek

As a reader of this blog I’m going to assume you’re excited for Cowboys & Aliens based on its title alone. You probably also enjoyed Alien vs. Predator for the mere fact that you got to watch Aliens fight Predators. If you want to see cowboys (and Indians) fightin’ aliens, then yes, this film delivers and you won’t be disappointed. But, the real surprise is when you sit down to watch these two heavyweights duke it out you’re also rewarded with a poignant, heartfelt drama.

Cowboys & Aliens is a western in the truest sense of the word, from it’s sweeping landscapes to it’s gruff characters trying to make a living in an unforgiving world. Then, you thrown in some good ‘ole fashioned alien abduction, and you’re in for fun ride.

Mild spoilerage below the cut.