clash of the titans 1981


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ABOVE: Just to prove a point about how many characters have made their way through Futurama, here’s a piece of work that shows every damn character that’s had a part in the series. ┬áThe question is, are you hardcore enough to name an episode that each one of them appeared in? – By Deviant Art user Unrellius


DVD Tuesday 5/25/10


Once again, it’s Tuesday and you know what that means, NerdBastards DVD Tuesday. As usual, we list what DVD comes out so that you get an idea what to get. There are many Old Is New Again this week so check that section out as well as the TV Show DVD and the Anime Pick. Also, this week, I do ask one thing from you readers and that is some feedback. I would like to know if ya’ll like the format of the list or if I should change it up, if I should list ALL major release or only things that are nerd related, etc. Any feedback is welcome and would help as I want to make this weekly feature better for you readers.. Anyway, check after the jump for this weeks release. (more…)

Clash of the Titans Review


I don’t have much to say about “Clash of the Titans”. By the gods, They took a simplistic movie like the original and Fuster Clucked it into what this new version is. First of all though, you need to know that this movie has nothing to do with the accurate mythology of the story of Perseus, OR for that matter, the accurate mythology of the original film. With stunning CG and a great job of acting by Sam Worthington you’d expect a good ol’ fashion action movie ala “300″ or even “The Mummy”, right? WRONG!