Clash of the titans 2010


I leaned over in the theater and whispered in to Editor and Chief Luke Gallagher’s ear, “Gentlemen’ s bet, Perseus’s sword of the gods is made into a replica.” I was right within 2 days!

Entertainment Earth among many other websites have pre-orders available. In the movie, the sword is as chromed up and sparkly as Zeus’s armor. This pic does it no justice from the beauty in the movie, but you know me and my replicas. “I gotsta get me one”

This movie was just okay, but the sword was definitely a gift from the gods. Available sometime at the end of April 2010. Click on the above link to pre- order.

Clash of the Titans Review


I don’t have much to say about “Clash of the Titans”. By the gods, They took a simplistic movie like the original and Fuster Clucked it into what this new version is. First of all though, you need to know that this movie has nothing to do with the accurate mythology of the story of Perseus, OR for that matter, the accurate mythology of the original film. With stunning CG and a great job of acting by Sam Worthington you’d expect a good ol’ fashion action movie ala “300″ or even “The Mummy”, right? WRONG!