The first season of Telltale‘s The Walking Dead blew everyone away. Until then, no one ever imagined what’s basically a choose-your-own adventure style of gaming could be so gripping. With an ending as shocking as its first season had, Season 2 only promises to be more intense as players step into the shoes of the young orphan, Clementine. We’ve already seen a short trailer teasing The Walking Dead’s second season, but today Telltale released a trailer for its first episode, “All That Remains.” (more…)


The chilling end to Telltale Game‘s The Walking Dead is all too fresh in my memory. I held off completing the game for months, and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago I finally finished it. And I was an emotional wreck! No spoilers, but… wow. I’ve never played a game before that affected me as deeply as The Walking Dead did. Now it appears Telltale is ready to destroy my fragile psyche yet again. (more…)

We shared a super, eerie teaser for Telltale‘s new game based on The Walking Dead last week, but today IGN’s Start Channel revealed the full trailer. The game isn’t going to tie-in to either the comic books or television series but I’m sure fans of either are pumped for the game no matter what. In this new trailer we get our first hint of the gameplay as well as the kinds of characters we’ll be meeting.

Oh, and skip to about 9:00 minute mark to watch the trailer.

I love how the animation style pulls heavily from Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore’s look from the comics. Telltale’s The Walking Dead will follow, Lee who’s been recently released from prison at the start of the zombie apocalypse and Clementine, a lost and scared little girl he meets over the course of the game.

The Walking Dead becomes available to download in April for XBox Live, The Playstation Network, plus PC amd MAC.

Source: Comic Book Movie