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Remember when Kevin Smith said that he had one movie left and he was quitting filmmaking? No, I don’t think he does either because all he talks about these days is all the new movies he has on the go. His proclamation about retiring came around the time of Red State‘s release in 2012, and since then he’s released Tusk, wrapped Yoga Hosers, and is prepping the much ballyhooed Clerks III. But is there room in Smith’s schedule for another journey back to the ViewAskewniverse? Perhaps there’s a certain group of shopping center irregulars who demand some attention 20 years after the fact? Yes, not so subtlety, Smith is talking about Mallrats 2. (more…)


Now that Clerks III is apparently back on track thanks to a mysterious benefactor not named “Weinstein,” Kevin Smith is now free to do what he does best, talk about it! And while talking on one of his plurality of podcasting platforms, The SModcast, Smith confirmed what was perhaps the second most obvious piece of casting news for the film, that Jay & Silent Bob would be back for part III. The hetero-lifemates have been a part of many of Smith’s comedic efforts, including his first five films, plus the 2006 sequel Clerks II, so if you thought there would be a Clerks movie without everyone’s favorite, unionized Jersey pot dealers, you were really, really wrong. (more…)

When Will CLERKS III Begin Shooting?


In a making-of documentary on the DVD of Clerks II, director/writer Kevin Smith said that bringing the film to life felt like the catharsis he needed, penning the final chapter of the characters he brought to life in his directorial debut in the original Clerks movie. Apparently, catharsis is an ongoing process, as Smith has recently made comments that making his most recent film Tusk, starring Justin Long and Johnny Depp, provided him with the cash necessary to shoot a third chapter in the lives of clerks Dante and Randal. However, with so many movies on the filmmaker’s plate, when he would begin production of the film was up in the air. Now recent comments by Smith indicate that Clerks III might be on its way sooner rather than later. (more…)


Hard to believe it’s come to this, but after Clerks was funded with a fistful of credit cards, and after Clerks 2 got made on a scant $5 million, it seems that the cost of Clerks 3 is too rich for the Weinsteins’ blood. In sad 90s flashback news yesterday, writer/director Kevin Smith told the world the funding Clerks 3, at the grand total of $6 million, would not be coming from The Weinstein Company, his long-time patrons all the way back to that first Clerks movie. So what happens now? (more…)


So I guess it’s really happening.

Posted to the image sharing site Imgur this morning was the title page for the first draft of the script for Clerks III. Writer/director Kevin Smith posted the screencap this morning, saying that he “jumped out of bed at 4:20 this morning and started writing Clerks III.”

Well if that’s not enough nerd news to feed on this Friday, consider Smith’s next statement. “[A]fter 2 hours of tapping the keys and giggling, I have come to a conclusion… Clerks III will be the best film I’ll ever make.”

I think I speak for us all when I say we the fandom will reserve judgment on that. Come to think of it, I seem to remember Smith once saying the same thing about Hit Somebody, and we all know what happened there.

What I will say is that at least there’s progress on Clerks III and I guess we’ll find out soon if Smith was able to get past a couple of pages. And interestingly, does this solve the Jeff Anderson riddle? If Smith is now punching out the script, is Anderson officially on board now?

More news as it develops.


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This week on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy trick Badass Digest’s Evan Saathoff into coming on the show and then they talk about Universal Soldier, the best and worst of Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s time on this earth.

Also on the show: Nic Cage bought a pyramid for which to die in, Mark Hamill is going to talk to somebody official about being in Star Wars someday, Kevin Smith wants to teach stoners how to read, and Batman is more hazardous to young boys than a [insert stock catholicism joke here]

Jason and Jeremy also try to form words about the unholy joining of Michael Bay and Megan Fox for a movie about Turtles that may be Teenage Ninjas and Sony’s big invisible video game system is revealed… we think.


The Bastardcast: We’d eat a person if the circumstances demanded it.


The Continuing Evolution of ‘Clerks 3’


Someone get Jeff Anderson to sign a fucking contract before Kevin Smith convinces himself that what the people really want Clerks 3 to be, is a silent movie, like The Artist, but with pantomime dick jokes.

Smith went on What’s Trending? to discuss the future of television and in the middle of the discussion, he was asked about bringing Clerks 3 to the web, something Smith said he had considered in an effort to, essentially, make the project interesting to him.

Smith also talked about a Broadway play (Fun Fact: the word cocksmoker hasn’t been uttered in a Broadway theater since the time I went to see Cats and found out that an understudy was playing Grizabella), but he said that that notion had been abandoned when he found out that doing a limited run on Broadway would be cost ineffective.

A book that won’t be titled, “The Ass to Mouth Diaries”, was also mentioned, with Smith saying he wants such a project to precede the possible third Clerks film and come out on a chapter by chapter basis so that the work can evolve with the assistance of fan feedback.

Why a book? Apparently, Smith would like to go deeper into these character’s lives so he can tell their origin story and seek value in their concentric monotony. Also, money.

I’m just guessing on that last part, but think of how many dependents this man has. Feeding them has to cost money. Not podcasting money. Real money.

Honestly, I like Smith and I love Clerks, but at some point the man is going to have to stop talking and get to work. Also, this is the second straight appearance without his trademark hockey jersey. I am getting concerned.

Here’s the video from What’s Trending?, the chat about Clerks begins at around the 13 minute mark.

Source: Slash Film

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This week, for their extreme love of porn, we induct the greater metropolitan Washington D.C. area into the Hall of Excellence. Congrats guys and gals, now please delete your browsers history.

District of Columbia

The Bastardcast: We’re trying.

Recently, Kevin Smith put the kibosh on any notion that the hockey drama Hit Somebody was going to be his epic, two-parter final film, and instead embraced the inevitable, Clerks 3.

Now Smith is talking (shocker) again about going back to Jersey for more adventures from the Quick Stop, including a rough release date. The filmmaker says that he’s looking for a 2014 release for the third Clerks, which would put it in line for coming out during the 20th anniversary year of the first Clerks. I wonder if Smith’s going to make this one for low five-figures and take it to Sundance too?

Here’s an interview that Smith did with Good Day LA yesterday:

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

So from what I gathered, Smith said he’s making Clerks 3 to pre-emptively shut up  fans, and if it doesn’t get made at all, it will be because Jeff Anderson (Randall) is the hold-up. Interesting. Also according to Smith, Hit Somebody will now be a six-part miniseries, and pot is a wonder drug that keeps one youthful and fat. Also, the female co-anchor of Good Day LA, by her own admission, is the only Asian that can’t do math. But maybe this was a bit she was trying to serve to Smith forClerks 3: an Asian character who comes into the Quick Stop and can’t do math…

I guess we’ll find out in 2014 when Clerks 3 hits theaters, unless Kev changes his mind (again) between now and then.

Source: /Film