Spoilers ahead, obviously. Although if you’ve been following the development and production of Captain America: The Winter Soldier then you may have already inferred that there are only a few returnees from the first Captain America movie. Of course, we all know one of them because he’s right there in the title, but the other returning actor had merely a rumored chance of being in the new movie, at least until some enterprising Cleveland journalists took the attached spy photo.


Yes indeed, that is none other than actress Hayley Atwell, in old age make-up, playing an older and wiser Agent Carter. Snapped in the posh neighborhood of Cleveland Heights by the ClevelandHeights.Patch.Com, the crew of Winter Solider seemed to be shooting the reunion scene between Cap (Chris Evans) and Carter outside of 2178 Harcourt Boulevard.

Of course, this news shouldn’t come as too surprising. Atwell has been rumored to have a cameo in the film as well as being part of a confirmed short film project featuring Agent Carter that will be screened at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and will be included later on the Winter Soldier Blu-ray.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier bows in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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With all the wild fight scenes and stunts already filmed in Cleveland, production on Captain America: The Winter Soldier has moved inside for more, let’s say, intimate filming. These latest set photos come from Cleveland paper, The Plain Dealer, and feature Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson getting quite close.

Take a look beyond the cut. Because SPOILERS, duh.



If you live in Cleveland, and you heard what you thought was the sound of gun fire and explosions today, don’t worry, it wasn’t an attack, at least not if you’re name is The Falcon or Black Widow. Yes, they were filming a scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the Memorial Shoreway overpass at West 3rd St. in Cleveland, and (via Comic Book Movie) got some pictures of the shoot.

There’s a full photo gallery below, but what is it that they were filming? Excellent question, and Comic Book Movie did a nice little breakdown that may offer some slight spoilers, so read on at your own mitigated risk:

As you’ve seen in photos earlier today, the Winter Soldier is riding on top of a vehicle and in this vehicle are what appeared to be his personal armed posse. After the vehicle stops the minions get out with machine guns poised to fire and the Winter Soldier gets off the hood of the vehicle.

The Winter Soldier is carrying a grenade launcher and raises is at a vehicle that had both the doubles for the Black Widow and Falcon (or Sam Wilson, whichever way he is called in this film). He let’s off a blast. His fellows-in-arms open fire as well. Sadly, the photo taken of the Winter Soldier with the launcher was obscured and blurry.

Our heroes take cover from the blast and gunshots and it appeared they were preparing themselves for some hand-to-hand fighting versus the Winter Soldier and his armed buddies. Winter Soldier and his posse versus the Black Widow and Falcon?!

Not enough for you? Here’s some video.

Stay tuned for more on The Winter Soldier

For weeks we’ve been sifting through tons of The Dark Knight Rises spoiler footage and now it seems to be The Avengers turn. Currently filming in Cleveland, doubling for New York City, we’ve got photos of Chris Evans in the updated, modern Captain America suit, a glimpse of a weapon that could hint to the villain and big explosions.

To spare those sick to death of the spoiler overload this summer, the gallery of goodness is behind the cut.


Trans Lawn

Somewhere in the middle of Cleveland, OH there is a small family who decided it would be fantastic to invite the Autobots to come over for dinner. Actually, the family decided to create a Halloween display of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime and proudly display them on their front lawn. Bumblebee took 2 months to build and stands 12 feet tall and Prime took 6 months to build and stands 17 feet tall. They are made out of wood and foam. I want them on my front lawn! Check out some close up pics after the jump…