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Clive Barker‘s Hellraiser, based on a written story of his (The Hellbound Heart), has been dormant for quite some time. While the first four, arguably, are loved by fans, the movies since have not had quite the same level of fanatic love, excepting only the most diehard lovers of the series. The movies began to be milked (there were two movies released in 2005) in a manner more sacrilegious than Pinhead himself, and 2011 saw the release of Hellraiser: Revelations, a movie so quickly and cheaply produced, longtime Pinhead actor Doug Bradley simply refused to participate. It was released quietly for one day, at one theater, and then shoveled onto DVD; it’s rumored (with all signs pointing to ‘true’) that the movie was only made so Dimension Films did not lose the copyright to the franchise, and could make a bigger, more expensive film later on. Needless to say, it was considered bad. Now Dimension Films is giving Hellraiser another chance with Hellraiser: Judgement, and the first photo has been released.  (more…)


To borrow a phrase, Hellraiser: Revelations, the ninth and most recent film in the Hellraiser series, was a disaster. It was made in three weeks for $300,000 and released quietly in 2011 with seemingly little regard in terms of quality or creativity. Why? Because rumor had it that Dimension Films slapped the whole thing together in order to hold on to the rights to Clive Barker‘s classic short story, The Hellbound Heart, and make a more straightforward, and profitable, remake to the original Hellraiser. Will it be different this time with tenth film in the series about to enter production? Who knows, but one thing’s assured: Doug Bradley will not be back as Pinhead. (more…)


A lot of interesting novels are making their way to television these days. Stephen King’s It is getting another run, as is The Stand and (hopefully) The Dark Tower. We’re also going to get a chance to see Neil Gaiman’s American Gods get a television adaptation. So it’s time for Clive Barker to get in on the action. The novel in question from this British prince of horror will be Weaveworld and it shall come to life thanks to The CW and none-other-than Barker himself sinking his time and money into it. (more…)


Look at that headline. That’s writing right there, folks.

Since it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get that proposed Hellraiser reboot anytime soon (not to mention the Scarlet Gospels Clive Barker’s been teasing for years), fans of the series thankfully have a new documentary to look forward to. Titled Leviathan (which I totally love), the film chronicles the conception of both Hellraiser and Hellbound, promising us an in-depth look at Barker’s famed S&M obsessed demons.



Hellraiser fans were rightfully excited the other week when Clive Barker announced on his Facebook page that he’s been brought on-board to write the script and develop the concepts for rebooting the Hellraiser franchise. The cherry on top of that news-sundae was Doug Bradley, Mr Pinhead himself, was also coming back to reprise his role. That’s fantastic news, but the next question for fans is: Who should direct? (more…)


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Amazon Studios has big ambitions to get into the independent movie-making game, attempting to rival Netflix and get a piece of the money to be had.  Of the 16 different projects that they currently have going, one in particular stands out as having the potential to be one of the best, or perhaps worst of the lot.  It is called Zombies vs. Gladiators and it’s about… well, zombies fighting Roman gladiators.

At first glance this sounds like something that you’d see popping up as a target for Rifftrax.  At second glance, however, you’ll find that famous horror icon Clive Barker has attached his name to the project in the form of a rewrite on the script.  Is this just an attempt to make the movie marketable?  Let’s examine the facts, shall we?

Here’s a brief release on the general plot of the film:

…a shaman about to die in the Coliseum casts a spell that rouses history’s first wave of zombies. It’s up to a gladiator to stop the spread of the zombie horde and save Rome.

Okay, still sounding like a big, fat turkey.  Let’s hear what Mr. Barker has to say about the project:

I’m excited by the opportunity to interweave two very rich narrative threads.  One of them concerns itself with the reality of the decadence of Rome and its rise and fall. The other is a fantastical narrative element – the living dead. My brief to myself on this project is to give the audience not only zombies they have never seen before but also a Rome they have never seen before.

From the way he describes it, the movie starts to sound a little tasty.  The potential for a stylistic film filled with Barker’s classic horror elements is there.  But the third and final test – will Amazon simply take his rewrite and then do whatever they feel is going to sell rather than stick to what the author produces?  Will what can be a unique and interesting concept be mired down in production and directorial decisions that defy common sense and good taste?

Here’s a hopeful statement from Barker on that note:

Amazon Studios offered up the dream ticket with this project. In twenty five years of working in this town, I’ve rarely had people listen to what I had to say as closely and as carefully as they did and then simply give me the freedom to go do it.

Well, the movie is passing the tests, at least in theory.  Unfortunately, other than the name and the blurbs, little else in known about the project.  Rumors put Barker as director, though these are unconfirmed.  Still, Zombies vs. Gladiators has the potential to be either one cool cult classic or a huge pile of grade-B cinematic vomit.

Keep your fingers crossed, Nerdreaders, and check back for more breaking developments from The Bastards.


Thanks to The Mary Sue and Chicago Tribune for the info. on this one.

Because a bazillion Hellraiser movies based on Clive Barker‘s 1987 original isn’t enough, Sonar Entertainment and executive producer Larry Kupin (who brought us Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II. )are developing Hellraiser: The Series.

Sonar teases the series like this:

One of the most successful (and terrifying) franchises in film history is ready for its weekly television debut. For over 25 years, fans have followed the exploits of an insidious villain named Pinhead, summoned from a nightmarish underworld by an ancient puzzle box. He will seduce you with power and tempt you with fear, until your soul belongs to him. Now, for the first time, a weekly series set in the fantastic realm of Hellraiser will thrill audiences worldwide.

The prospect of a TV show revolving around Pinhead and his clan of cenobites tickles my gory pleasures, but I don’t know if there’s any channels that it would work for, without cutting back on the violence. Which would simply be unacceptable.

On a side note: I don’t like how they’re referring Pinhead as a “insidious villain”.  He’s never been good or bad…he simply is. People seek the pleasure of hell…he gives it to them…they demand, he supplies. That’s it.

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COMICS REWIND: Clive Barker’s Hellraiser

In 1989, with two successful Hellraiser films hooking themselves into the public consciousness, Clive Barker and legendary comics editor Archie Goodwin (who we also have to thank for much of the early wonderment of Legends of the Dark Knight, which I’m sure I’ll get around to writing about some day) got together and decided it was time for a horror comic featuring those demented little puzzle boxes and the demons they unleash. The result was Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, a comic that merged the mischievous old school traditions of horror anthology comics with the masochistic, otherworldly concepts of Barker’s Hellraiser universe. It’s a comic that a great many readers seem to forget about now, but when you look back at the 20 issues of the original run, you see something daring going on, and something definitely worth revisiting.