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Famous Movie Quotes Becomes Art


Got a favorite movie quote? Ever thought of doing something with that quote? Well, Goran Patlejch (a.k.a. Goenetix) did and while they may be simple looking, they are all awesome in their own way. From Star Wars to Big Lebowski, to Matrix and Terminator, Patlejch used his art skills to showcase famous movie quotes. Check out after the jump to see more of Goenetix movie quote art and see if maybe your favorite quote is there. (more…)


One major problem I have with the movie industry is how they devise movie names. I mean seriously, there are time when I hear the name of a movie and thing to myself, that’s a pretty interesting name for a movie, and I think this is what its about…and then I go and waste 10 bucks to find out it was nothing what I expected and just wasted my time and money on something horrific. But then again, movie trailers do that same thing sometimes, or maybe I’m just stupid. Either way, I thought it would be interesting to give you some examples of how a few Sci-Fi movies have led me to believe they where about something completely different then what I imagined. And when you see the movie names, stop and take a guess first…then read what it’s really about…