Superhero Fashion – Up, Up, and OY-VAY!


I am the first person to climb to a roof top and shout out loud that I know nothing about fashion except what Tim Gun tells me So with as little cringing, muttering, and rolling eyes I’ll try to take a look at Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection, which he showed off last Tuesday at New York Fashion Week.

Let’s start with the guys.

Look at the guys pictured above and shout out the first word that comes to your mind.




If we said the same word or if you could interchange your word with mine . . . don’t worry . . . we probably only agree on fashion.

If you shouted out a word that means the opposite . . . your probably already wearing something similar with the collar popped up.


I started with the guys because, as with most things, throw a woman in the mix and my brain functions lock up, I stutter, drool (just a little) and generally act the Nerd. Seriously, you could put a burlap sack on any of those women and I would think it’s brilliant fashion as long as I can still see a little ankle.

These ladies look a little beaten up though don’t they? The models look like the regular “Could use a Sandwich” girls of the runway, but take a look at their beat-up knees and the bruises on their legs, did they fall down a lot or was Jeremy Scott whipping them with willow branches in the dressing room?

Am I off base?

Should I be wearing the fashion pictured above?

source: comicsalliance

Don't kill me for using this image, George Lucas.

Don't kill me for using this image, George Lucas.

In November, we brought you news that adidas and Star Wars were teaming up for a line of Force-inspired clothing and shoes. Today, you can experience the power of the dark side. Um, I mean the commercial.

adidas (I HATE lowercasing adidas. It feels so wrong.) is scheduled to launch its adidas Originals Star Wars line this spring, and though we’ve already seen images of the sneakers and apparel, I think this is the first time we’ve gotten a commercial.

The video is filled with cameos galore, from Daft Punk to David Beckham. Why? They apparently “live in the neighborhood,” where “originality comes to life as artists, athletes, and celebs celebrate their style.” I wish I could be the girl who got paid to write that.

From the Star Wars site:

The most iconic moments and beloved figures from the Star Wars saga are translated to the streets, telling their creative story across a forceful collection of adidas Originals footwear and apparel.

Celebrate this powerful alliance to the beat of a new and improved remix of the Imperial March, as Vader and the stormtroopers land on our street corner greeted by Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Calle 13, DJ Neil Armstrong and Daft Punk representing their originality. No matter which side of the Force you’re on, believe the hype, this year is going to be massive.

Weird, no? Still, the commercial is entertaining, if not unsettling. There’s even a point where the swing of a baseball bat sounds like a lightsaber — which I’ve always thought was appropriate. Take a look:

I’m known for having way more clothes than any human should possess; I’m a girl, after all, but my outfit gluttony is bad even for my gender. I had no idea Mario had such a fine walk-in closet, though. I mean, I knew he’s worn a number of plumber uniform variations and frog suits over the years, but when they’re all neatly organized on pegs like in the image below, it brings it all home. And, you know, kind of makes me jealous. Take a peek into Mario’s closet below:

Thanks once again to our dear friend NerdSalad for posting this!

I’ve always been a low-end shoe kind of girl. I couldn’t tell you why Louboutins have that red sole; I’m too busy scouting Payless for my buy-one, get-one-half-off deal. But if I were a boy, and I had big feet, and I cared about brands, and I could actually wear tennis shoes to work, you bet your sweet ass I’d check these out next year:

Star Wars kicks by Adidas Originals

Star Wars kicks by adidas Originals

Cinematical reports that adidas will be launching a whole line of Star Wars-themed shoes and clothing next spring. Only a few photos have been released, but in addition to the Stormtrooper shoes, there also will be Darth Vader, Yoda and Skywalker varieties available. Is that it? “No. There is another…”

More Star Wars shoes by adidas Originals

More Star Wars shoes by adidas Originals

Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Even though I love me some Star Wars, there’s no way in hell I’d put shoes that could be mistaken for a 1989 TrapperKeeper on my feet.

The Nerdy Baby Alphabet -

The Nerdy Baby Alphabet -

I’m not a fan of kids. I don’t want to have my lady parts stretched out just to spawn hungry, needy little moppets. My sister, however, cherishes her new baby, Gage, so I’ll play the awesome aunt and will buy him some geeky kid stuff. Someone has to make sure the adorable devil has class and nerd cred; I might as well be the hero. Thus, my online shopping turns into your good fortune if you’re also searching for baby gear that’s not pink, baby blue, or ridiculously sweet. After the jump, you’ll find 10 things I’m considering buying my sister’s new sprite… and one Hylian costume that I can’t.

*Note: Most items are for the wee, newborn behbehs. In addition, most are clothes, because newborns don’t do much except lay around and drool. We’ll cover nerdy kids toys later.