GCYou know, I can really do the whole “are you lonely” gig for the beginning of this but this is just sad. GameCrush is an adult social network that lets gamers be “players” and play either a six minute flash game or 360 multiplayer game (Gears of War 2, Halo 3, COD: Modern Warfare 2, and Grand Theft Auto 4) with a “hot” girl gamer for ten minutes for the price of $8.25. Apparently you have the choice to play a “flirty” game or a “dirty” game, thus why this is for 18 year olds and up. Do some people still really think gamers are the sad bunch of folks from long ago. I think it has changed, and not to mention the four games above, most people that play those aren’t the sad lonely gamers the site probably believes to be. All I can see is that some people will be using this site as a joke. Will there be some sad man paying for this dumb service, yes there will be, and that’s whats going to upset me. Maybe I just want to believe gamers now aren’t too sad to pay for this.

If they really want to do a service for gamers, lets test their focus skill by having these gamers try to focus an online round while getting a blowjob, that would be better than this service and truly test if your a “player.” Anyways, checking out the site is no good since they have gotten so much traffic that its down. Kotaku has a gallery of the potential girl gamers you can face, and I’m sure they just picked out the ones that would make some people cringe at the idea of this. What do ya’ll think? You think this service will sell or is this just a stupid thing that will probably die in a few months?

Source: Gizmodo, GameCrush

X10 News Galore

xbox_360_logoSo Microsoft had an event today that would surly make the 360 fan boys e-penis hard and I’m sure your all wondering why the hell would a dumb Sony gamer would write about a Microsoft event. Well, that’s because I’m excited as well since 2010 seems like another good year for video games and it seems that the only ones really crying will be our wallets. Here are highlights from the event: