Say What?! Coldplay Rips Off Mario


Ah, at least once a week, the internet provides something that blows my mind and today, this video did the job. One, MrRoboto113 posted this video of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and its connection to Nintendo’s turtle stomping plumber.

What connection you ask? Well, as you hear in the video, when the song is sped up, you start to hear a familiar beat and boom! That’s right folks, it sounds similar to the Star Power theme.

Damn you Coldplay! How dare you rip off one of video games greatest icon! Okay, okay, I’m not being serious but really, this blew my mind. It amazes me that some person out there just happens to speed up the song and notice it sounds like the Star Power theme.

What do y’all think of this? You think this is some cool coincidence or do you really believe they ripped off Mario?

Source: CollegeHumor, MrRoboto113 YouTube Page