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New “Doctor Strange” Figure Unveiled by Hot Toys


Benedict Cumberbatch fans now have even more reasons to be excited for Doctor Strange with the unveiling of a fantastically (if a bit unnerving) detailed 1/6th scale figure of Doctor Strange. It comes complete with the Cloak of Levitation, Eye of Agamotto and mystic spell book, as well as a visual rune effect. Everything a mystical super hero requires to fight evil and look good doing it. (more…)


Leave it to Hot Toys to somehow capture so much expression in a figure that is fully covered, head to toe.  Of course, when that someone is Deadpool, there’s a lot of sass to work with.  ToySoul 2015 gave us our first sneak peek of the 1/6 scale collectible figure, but now we have a whole gallery’s worth of Deadpool in all his cheeky glory.  The figure boasts a masked head sculpt, newly developed with 5 pairs od interchangeable eye pieces.  Along with a weather-worn suit, katanas, pistols, and a slew of different hands making a variety of different gestures, the figure stand itself is even Deadpool-themed and primed for aerial poses.  Read on for the full specs! (more…)


Hot Toys has officially (after a bit of teasing, of course) revealed their Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1/6 scale collectible figures! The figures are movie-accurate, and based in the likenesses of Ben Affleck for Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. What’s more, a video has also been released by Hot Toys detailing the Batmobile in all its 1/6th scale glory; watch it and sneak a peek at the figures after the jump! (more…)