CollegeHumor has released many different RPG “spoof” titles that are on my wishlist of things I wish would be made, but this week’s new video has this RPG on my top 5. “Breaking Bad” the RPG Prt. 1 & 2 have to be by far the most creative use of a television series’ plotline as part of quirky actions and response options ever. ┬áThis video features all the seasons of “Breaking Bad”, by cutting out all the jibber jabber, and taking you straight to the key plot points in the series so far.

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There is no good or evil characters just those who are morally ambiguos, and aren’t we all. Check out these and other hilarious RPG “spoofs” at


2 Clowns 1 Batman – and a Mime

Batman should always double check the room before delivering the standard Bat-Beating. This is what happens when Batman depends on city government employees. I’m just glad there is no Harley Quinn dressed up as a Girl Scout video floating around the Internet.

Wait . . .

Please send all fan made Harley Quinn dressed as a Girl Scout to

That is all.

Don’t judge me.


Superhero Auditions – The Callbacks

The Continuing Adventures of – Superhero Auditions!

College Humor is back with some additional footage of the Superhero Auditions Callbacks. This video has everything you NerdBastards were hoping for, Wonder Twin Make-out Session. Don’t deny it you sick NerdBastards, you know that was what you were hoping to see. It might not be┬áLuke and Leia, but you can get your collective NerdGasam out of the way.

No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan


There comes a point where a once brilliant director and writer cannot maintain his same level of greatness across his movies, and the suitable thing for them to do is move on to do something else entirely. But, there are some directors that insist on trying to re-capture their fleeting moment of greatness again and again … never to do so.

Directors like M. Night Shyamalan.

I mean, I liked The Sixth Sense, and thought Signs had potential. But, while Unbreakable had its moments, The Village was not that good, and The Happening was just a train wreck on film. And, from what I hear, The Last Airbender was even worse than that.

What must M. Night Shyamalan think?

The guys at College Humor decided to show just that very thing, and wouldn’t you know it, Shyamalan sees what is happening in a very M. Night kind of way. Check out the video below!

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