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The folks over at College Humor are at it again. Last month it was an animated short poking fun at the Back To The Future Trilogy. This month they’ve put together a parody of the ESPN show 30 For 30, imagining if the events of Rocky IV were real and how they helped end the Cold War. The add authenticity, they were able to get the help of some ESPN anchors and sports journalists. If you’ve ever seen 30 For 30 or Rocky IV, then you’re in for a treat.



We’ve featured Pete Holmes‘ hilarious Badman videos from College Humor before and more recently his take on the termination of Wolverine (‘s employment ) from the X-Men. Now that he has graduated from internet comedy to basic cable comedy (watch the Pete Holmes Show, weeknights after Conan on TBS, very funny…. I get paid for unsolicited plugs, right?) Well, it looks like we can look forward to more of his nerd slanted comic book based parody sketches.

He just released a new one to promo the shows October 28th premiere and it might be the best one yet. Not only is funny, but it points out some huge issues that a big screen meeting between the Dark Knight and The Man of Steel will have to address. Yes, Batman’s only powers are ‘rich and nuts’ and Superman is a pretty huge nerd…. Check it out after the jump, it is a little NSFW so heads up. (more…)


I swear I heard or read somewhere that Pete Holmes said that the last one was the last one, but College Humor has released another Badman/Batman parody and I thank him and them for that. Fresh from Front Page Films comes an all new adventure of the Dork Knight. This time featuring special guest villain, comedian, actor, and occasional comic book writer Patton Oswalt as the Penguin. While Matt McCarthy continues to be unsung highlight of the series with his portrayal as the long suffering Commissioner Gordon, Oswalt’s Oswald Cobblepot (say that 5 times fast) shall now count as the quintessential performance in the role. Step aside Danny DeVito, deepest apologies estate of Burgess Meredith… screw you fancasting of Philip Seymour Hoffman that never happened.

Anyway, it’s funny… and you should watch it, and they should do more of these. I know a dude with a skin condition that would be perfect for Killer Croc… (more…)


True story: I was just thinking about how its been a long time since College Humor and Front Page Films had released a Batman/Badman parody starting Pete Holmes as the Dark/Dork Knight. Then BAM! I see a new one is out… Clearly I have the ability to make that which I desire appear. I promise I will not use this power for evil…

We’ve seen him find his voice, fight the Riddler and blow his cover. Now it is time for the final act. The ultimate sacrifice. The Batman/Badman’s long good-bye. Seriously, it goes on for a while: (more…)

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it is hard to keep up on all the crazy pop-culture one-liners your friends pop off in a cafe before a bank job or moments after accidentally shooting your backseat passenger in the face … Luckily College Humor has prepared a handy little video reference of many (nearly all) of Quentin Taratino‘s many pop-culture references. True RomanceReservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, hell even Death Proof and his short from Four Rooms make the cut. So next time you are facing off with a Nazi Commandant and you find yourself searching for a classic Charlie Chaplin based burn, hopefully the following will help. (more…)

We’ve seen the classic clown interrogation, his awkward exchange with the Riddler, and even learnt the bizarre secret origin of the Bat-voice. Ready for more? Front Page Films has unleashed another insanely funny Badman/Batman parody on College Humor.

I’m going to guess they’ve taken to calling him Badman for that whole ‘please don’t sue us rabid Warner Bros lawyers’ angle.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would take to crack the Dark Knights secret identity, hit the jump. (spoiler, it’s not that hard)


Sex With The Hulk

Sex with The Hulk would be… unfortunate. Even if he was in control of himself long enough to not leave your body looking like the aftermath of a Gallagher show, you’d still have to deal with DAT DICK! My god, The Hulk’s wang must be massive. Just a big, fat, veiny, angry looking cock with balls the size of basketballs. If his dong doesn’t split you in half, the gamma blast from his dick hole would shotgun it’s way through your freaking skull. Hmmm…I’ve obviously put some thought into this,  is it too late to call “No homo”? Point is, no va-jay-jay, short of Ms. Marvel, could receive The Hulks massive member. Yet, I’m sure there are plenty of real girls out there who have fantasized about being ravaged by this green giant. They crave Hulks not so eenie meanie.

Anyhow, here’s a COLLEGE HUMOR video about it. Sadly, it doesn’t end with sexual partners exploding from the inside.

Jesus lady! It only looks small in comparison to his leg muscles.

The ‘Hunger Games’ Game

I don’t really have words to describe this. But it’s a parody done by College Humor based on The Hunger Games.

The best description is probably the one provided by College Humor:

Based on the hit novels and movie, it’s the new board game where girls face their biggest fears: dating and death.

Interesting, huh?  Check it out below.

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