The Roast of Super Mario

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It seems that roasts, where a bunch of your friends get together and talk crap about you and your life and career are everywhere these days! It appears that no one is safe, not even the most popular video game character ever – Mario.

But, as popular as he is, you would think that getting his huge ego knocked down a peg by his best friends (Bowser, Link, Kirby, Princess Peach, Pikachu and Luigi) would be good for him.

Luckily, the folks at decided to show us what would happen. Check out the video below!

And, just a side-note, I actually remember liking the game Luigi’s Mansion.


Alice in Wonderland is a classic book, as well as a much loved animated movie from Disney. So, like all things that display child-like innocence, the internet must mock it in a very special way so that they can use it as a springboard to address larger issues. Bet you never knew the internet was so useful!

Take the below video from, which turns the Mad Hatter and the March Hare into highly opinionated and politically-minded individuals. The video lampoons everyone from Tea Party protesters to Sarah Palin and political pundit Glen Beck.

And, just like in the books, it appears Alice is the only sane individual at the party.


The infamous Warp Whistle.

Anyone who has played Mario 3 knows the power of these rare items, and probably their locations off by heart – I know I still remember them.

Depending on the map you used them on, they would whisk you away to a series of magical green pipes that would allow you to completely bypass entire world maps. While discovering them was not easy, many players still refused to use them on principle, as they thought of it as cheating.

Turns out, they weren’t the only ones who shared that particular point of view.


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This is so sad and hilarious and fucken HOT all rolled into one!! Apparently some guy filmed his girlfriend after watching the heart wrenching and somber chick flick………..Return of the Jedi?!?! The ensuing meltdown she has is beyond words…In fact, you can barely understand her words while she cries.

“Paranormal Activity” was full of some freaky stuff — blankets blew off the bed, a girl sleep-stared at her boyfriend, and things caught on fire for no reason. However, the movie actually should have been longer than it was. Thanks to, we’ve got the deleted scenes for you. You’ll see that ghosts not only go bump in the night, but they go “Unh, unh, unh, unnnhhhhh” in the night, too.

Sometimes in video games, the term “voice actor” really means “dude who is so bad, he’d only be in a movie as an extra who stands at a crowded bus stop waiting to be killed, so he tries to scrape together a living by reading time mage lines in a wooden voice for Final Fantasy XLVIII.” C’mon, you know it’s true. was kind enough to put together their list of the “50 Worst Video Game Voice Acting Lines,” complete with glorious, horrible sound samples. Think back to the good old days when these lines and more invaded your brain:

  • “Your face was asking! That’s why I took the photo!”
  • “Pleeeeease don’t kill me! … but I suppose you have toooooooo!”
  • “I eat guys like you for breakfast.”

Head over to for your new obscure, annoying catchphrases now!