The sweet science of movie marketing. Picking which fast food joint to have special promotions, getting the toys lined up to hit the shelves just a few weeks before the release date to pump up some hype, making sure you have a cologne for each of the main characters…. wait, what? Yep, to tie into the upcoming Joss Whedon mega Marvel movie event  Jads International (the folks that brought you scents like Shirtless Kirk and Slave Leia) are releasing a line of nice smelly stuff inspired be the worlds mightiest heroes.

‘Cause you know, nothing sends a woman into the throes of passion than a dude smelling a defrosted WWII hero, ancient norse god, irradiated scientist or, alcoholic playboy. Ok, that last one probably does, but anyway.

Each one comes with a cheesy ham handed write up on how Avengery it is and if they are really honest about capturing what the character would smell like I’m betting the Hulk’s smells like feet.

Hit the jump for details on each and more.



Did you know that you can “officially” smell like Leia and Lando from Star Wars? I’m putting “officially” in quotation marks because while I know that these new colognes are “officially” licensed LucasFilm products, I think they are “officially” stupid and likely “officially” smell like ass.

Ok, maybe they don’t smell like ass.

The “Slave Leia” perfume “includes floral top notes of white peach, lily, bergamot, heliotrope, and raspberry that dry down to a warm sultry mix of cashmere woods, musk, and night-blooming jasmine.”

The “Eau Lando” scent… well, who really cares what it actually smells like when its description tells you “Because a suave pirate-turned-respectable businessman deserves the best the galaxy has to offer – in surroundings, in belongings … and most certainly in female companionship.” doesn’t offer a lot of information about the origins of the perfumes, but from the page titles, I’m going to guess that these were giveaways during Celebration V last week. Anyone know for sure?

Source: BigBadToyStore, via ToplessRobot