Deadpool fans weren’t the only ones pleased that the Merc with the Mouth is finally going to get his own movie, Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld was too. Liefeld takes a lot of heat from fans for this drawing skills, particularly in the areas of proportionality and appendages, but he is responsible for co-creating a number of popular X-Men characters introduced in the early 90s, including much of X-Force. So with Deadpool now definitely maybe coming soon to a theater near you, Liefeld talked about his involvement with the project to fans at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in Los Angeles this past weekend. And guess what? He’s a little bit excited about it. (more…)


Superhero movies are often treated as top secret, classified projects. No one involved is ever allowed to even hint about their development, yet, over and over again actors and actresses are caught slipping up and revealing possible, crucial information. Are they simply the worst secret keepers ever or is there some ulterior motives at work? Perhaps they’re meant to slip up such teases in order to test the waters? That could be exactly what’s happened at this weekend’s Comikaze where Thor: The Dark World star, Jaime Alexander admitted she’s been in talks with “both companies” – DC/Warner Bros. and Marvel – about future projects.  (more…)