community season 5

dan harmon
Well, we all prayed that it would happen and it looks like the gods have finally listened.  That, and NBC has finally done something right.  For the great Community creator himself, the almighty Dan Harmon, will be gracing the show once again.  That’s right, we will see a 5th season and it will be spectacular.
The news broke when Harmon, sick of being bugged by people, tweeted the following message:

Dan HarmonDan HarmonVerified account‏@danharmon

RT @dpeanutbutter: @danharmon GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER! ~ Yes yes yes! I’m back I’m back I’m back. You can thank @joelmchale.

So fans rejoice!
And now begins the long waiting game in which we must all sit on our hands and count down the weeks until the 5th season finally airs.  At least we can wait in anticipation now, instead of stark dread.