Probably not since Danny Elfman on the Time Burton’s first Batman movie has there been a definitive superhero movie theme music, usually it’s all about mood and ambiance in these movies. But is all that about to change? Looking at the X-Men movies specifically, a wide-range of composers have taken a crack at putting the tales of Marvel’s merry mutants to music, from Michael Kamen (X-Men), Harry Gregson-Williams (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) to John Ottman (X2, and Days of Future Past). But what sounds can we expect to hear for Deadpool? What kind of score, and what kind of composer, would be suitable for “the Merc with the Mouth”? Answer: Junkie XL. (more…)

Nobuo Uematsu To Be At Anime Boston


The man behind many music of the Final Fantasy franchise as well as Chrono Trigger and Blue Dragon, will be at Anime Boston from April 2-4 and I wish I can go since I am a whore for his music, especially, One Winged Angel (although, Sephiroth is the ultimate momma’s boy bad guy). This may be their biggest guest so far for this event. Other announced guests are voice actors from various anime and video games, guest artist, and as well as Video Game Orchestra, which would be cool if the Video Game Orchestra and Uematsu did something togeather for the event. Check out the main site here for more info on the event. Hopefully Uematsu doesn’t get scared off by any bad Final Fantasy cosplayers.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork, Anime Boston