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CollegeHumor has released many different RPG “spoof” titles that are on my wishlist of things I wish would be made, but this week’s new video has this RPG on my top 5. “Breaking Bad” the RPG Prt. 1 & 2 have to be by far the most creative use of a television series’ plotline as part of quirky actions and response options ever.  This video features all the seasons of “Breaking Bad”, by cutting out all the jibber jabber, and taking you straight to the key plot points in the series so far.

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There is no good or evil characters just those who are morally ambiguos, and aren’t we all. Check out these and other hilarious RPG “spoofs” at


WorldofWarcraftComputer and console role playing games have been a very important part of my geek upbringing.  I can quote many of life’s great lessons from various games ranging from Diablo to Morrowind.  There is a very well done series of articles broken into three logical sections over at gamasutra, by Matt Barton that go to great lengths to examine the history of computer role-playing games.  I highly recommend the complete series but I will warn you they are very meaty and will take some effort to get through.

Part 1: The Early Years

Part 2: The Golden Age

Part 3: The Platinum and Modern Age