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For the second year in a row, Conan O’Brien is taking his show on the road to San Diego to attend Comic Con International: San Diego, otherwise known as SDCC. Last year Conan partnered with Funko, the company behind all of the Pop! Vinyl figures that have been taking the world by storm. Featuring characters from a wide variety of pop culture icons, the figures this year honoring the late night talk show host feature Conan dressed as a number of notable characters from upcoming films, including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ghostbusters, Justice League, and Suicide Squad. (more…)


As you may or may not be aware (but you should be because we darn well told you yesterday) Conan O’Brien is filming his TBS talk show in front of a live audience in San Diego through till Saturday night. With such a popular stage front and center, it should come as no surprise that producers and studios looking to promote major TV and movie projects at San Diego Comic Con would turn to Conan as a platform, and wouldn’t you know it… Anxious to get some insight into the upcoming Batman V. Superman movie? Well, Conan had a super advanced clip, procured “illegally,” of the upcoming superhero fight film. Be careful though, because there’s a reason that sneak peak is in quote marks in the headline. (more…)


For some strange reason, Mad Max: Fury Road wasn’t even half the hit that Jurassic World is, but that’s okay because film fans know that for bad ass iconography and intense action, the George Miller film has had no match in the summer of 2015. So now the real question, when do we start getting the parodies? And the answer: last night’s episode of Conan on TBS. Broadcasting from San Diego Comic Con this week, Conan O’Brien and Company decided to hit the road in style, Fury Road style! Through the desolate landscape of southern California, Conan, Andy and the band made their way to nerd nirvana, the only place on Earth were having a flame-throwing guitar is a status symbol and not a symbol of fear. (more…)


George R. R. Martin. Just look at him up there, plotting new and exciting ways to break your heart then light it on fire in front of you. Always thinking up ways to destroy your favorite characters, never letting anyone in his books catch a moment’s rest. For years fans have known to tread carefully through a GRRM novel, and after last weekend’s Game of Thrones, fans of the television series have learn that same, painful lesson. And the thing is, that’s exactly how GRRM wants you to feel.

Last night Martin appeared on Conan, and explained how those unexpected, tragic turn of events keeps readers, and now viewers, on their toes,

I want my readers, I want my viewers to be afraid when my characters are in danger. I want them to be afraid to turn the next page,” Martin says. Well, guess what? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, MOTHERFUCKER. We’re afraid for everyone, now! You’d think we’d have all learned our lesson when Joffrey ordered Ned’s head lobbed off, but no, we’re still caught unawares when beloved characters kick the bucket.

Also, I’ve heard the story before, but I love when he recounts talking to actors who are pleading for him not to kill off their characters, and meanwhile, they’re already dead. Wah-wah.

Martin’s stint on Conan gets even better when O’Brien shows him a reel of all those Red Wedding reaction videos that flooded the internet Monday morning,

Yes, the man does live off your tears of anguish. And in the years, episodes, and books to come you’ll only offer more up to the mighty, GRRM. Were you completely caught off guard by The Red Wedding? Either when you read or watched it. Do you feel more prepared for tragedies to come?

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Gingers! So what’s the big deal? Why are so many of us apparently fascinated by folks with red hair, light skin, and occasionally freckles? Especially when such individuals become media personalities? “Red” is the rarest natural hair color on the planet: Only 1-2% of the world’s population have it. Red hair has been associated with personality traits such as fiery temperament, combativeness or aggressiveness, and an overactive–if not downright freaky libido. Religious and mythological figures from King David to Judas Iscariot to the Egyptian God Set have all been thought to be, or depicted as being Gingers. Oh, and with apologies to Marvel Comics and Chris Hemsworth: According to Norse mythology, Thor was a redhead–not a blonde.

As for why redheads are called Gingers in the first place, there seems to be no real consensus: It’s primarily a British term, and still considered mildly derogatory to many in the UK. One popular theory is that it has nothing to do with color, but instead refers to the hot-blooded demeanor redheads supposedly possess. Most likely, it started in the middle ages, when “Gynger” referred to the coloration of a red rooster. Regardless of the hows and whys, redheads stick out, and more than a few have made indelible marks on popular culture. Here then is ten of the most well-known and influential Gingers, who have risen to iconic status….despite the unfortunate handicap of having no souls.


At the end of the month the second half of the animated (rather fast and loose) adaptation of  Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns will be released on Blu-Ray, VOD and DVD for anyone still stuck in the 20th century. Up after the jump you can catch a quick look at the animated feature. Spoiler alert, it contains bone breaking, punching, explosions  and a mustache.  (more…)

You could feel nerdom explode last night when J.J. Abrams told TV host Conan O’Brien that he had brought with him a clip from his upcoming film, Star Trek: Into Darkness. The notoriously secretive filmmaker has been keeping a tight lid on the film, which completed shooting this past summer and is now in post-production. Aside from a paused frame of a masked Klingon and a couple of spy shots there is absolutely nothing substantive in way of details about Abrams’ latest Trek.

And that’s more or less remained unchanged even now.

Yes, Abrams said, the studio’s caveat for bringing a clip to Conan is that it had to be three frames long. As such it reveals absolutely zero about the plot of the film, except that at some point things get very hot for Spock. “This is a scene where Spock…for reasons that you’ll have to see the film to understand, is in a volcano in this crazy suit, and he’s in this volcano and this is the scene,” explained Abrams setting up the clip.

“I still believe that people are going to maybe freeze-frame this on their computer and study it and dissect it,” replied Conan.

So if you are interested in freeze framing it, the frames are unveiled somewhere in the 1:50 range.

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CBS Greenlights Show About Nerdy Women

(Talk nerdy to me ladies)

Because there can never be enough nerdy television, CBS is teaming with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco in association with Warner Bros for something called Super Fun Night.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the show as “a multi-camera comedy that revolves around three nerdy female friends on their ‘funcomfortable’ quest to have ‘super fun’ every Friday night.” So… it’s a female version of the Big Bang Theory, with pillow fights. Oh there will be pillow fights, I’m sure.

As for just who’s starring in Super Fun Night? Right now, Australian actress Rebel Wilson (Brynn from Bridesmaids) is locked. She will also write and co-produce. The pilot itself will more then likely draw some heat from pro-Bang Theory viewers, but with a mostly female cast the potential for a hit series is there. Anytime you throw nerds and boobs together on TV people are going to want to see the results.

Source: The Mary Sue