Conan entered pop culture long ago when a young Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator, True Lies, and Twins) took on James Earl Jones’ (Star Wars, Dr. Strangelove, and The Lion King) Thulsa Doom in 1982s cult classic Conan The Barbarian. The film was only the first adaptation of the classic pulp fiction magazines and comics that have been entertaining people since the 1930s. The character has been brought to video game consoles in the past and will soon return in the upcoming game, Conan Exiles, currently available in Early Access on Steam. Like most games these days involving the player taking on a single character, the player has the option to adjust the appearance to suit their own looks or desires. It turns out, Conan Exiles allows for more adjustments than the average game. The following article contains some imagery that is NSFW. You have been warned.



For the second year in a row, Conan O’Brien is taking his show on the road to San Diego to attend Comic Con International: San Diego, otherwise known as SDCC. Last year Conan partnered with Funko, the company behind all of the Pop! Vinyl figures that have been taking the world by storm. Featuring characters from a wide variety of pop culture icons, the figures this year honoring the late night talk show host feature Conan dressed as a number of notable characters from upcoming films, including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ghostbusters, Justice League, and Suicide Squad. (more…)


Many nerds view Sword And Sorcery as the weird, closet-hippie grandpa of the fantasy genre: delivered in an episodic manner, the stories of the genre featured swashbuckling adventures galore, the occasional crossover with the Lovecraft Mythos and an overall tongue-in-cheek tone that poked fun at its heroes and authors even as it made them into staples of the genre. Conan the Cimmerian (created by fantasy mastermind Robert E. Howard) is the poster-child of the genre, still recognizable even among the most cynical of nerds.

Some would argue that the only reason he even came to dominate today’s pop culture was due to his legendary silver screen debut in 1982 with Conan The Barbarian, where he was first incarnated by future California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed by the less-than stellar 1984 sequel, Conan the Destroyer, which pretty much killed the franchise in one fell swoop. There  However, there is one last bit of really, really good news for all you old-school Sword And Sorcery fans out there…



Batman V Superman… the time has come. No, the film is not out yet (out March 25th). It’s that time before the premier when a films marketing department goes nuts and releases one TV spot after another, practically beating everyone over the head to remind them that it’s almost time for the show. And here we are today with another Bat vs Supes trailer. This, coming right off the back of the recent spot which had Batman slamming the Batmobile into supes (the attack was not effective). This new clip, shows us what happens after that.  (more…)


Conan and company brought out the big Star Wars: The Force Awakens guns for last night’s show with guests J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Issac, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, and Lupita Nyong’o, but even all those stars couldn’t outshine the opening bit for the show. It’s a brilliant bit of Star Wars comedy by Conan and friends that takes a look at those characters not called back for the Episode VII. (more…)


We’ve waited long enough, tonight we’ll finally see the Red Band Deadpool trailer on Conan. Ryan Reynolds has embraced and owned this character as no other superhero actor has since Robert Downey Jr. donned Iron Man armor and Christopher Reeves taught us all a man could fly in Superman. Tonight Conan is celebrating everything Deadpool and we’ll bring it to you here. (more…)


As per modern Hollywood marketing tradition, the pending release of the first trailer for Deadpool is being promoted with… a trailer. Smartly labeled as the “trailer trailer” it features five-time Academy Awards viewer and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds with tongue firmly in cheek as he sends up trailers, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the general silliness of having something called a “trailer trailer.” A lot of people have been looking forward to this, at least those Deadpool fans unlucky enough to not have been at San Diego Comic Con and lacked the basic computer knowledge to find the leaked footage from the same. Yes fans, it looks like tomorrow is going to be a treat. (more…)


The Doof Warrior, arguably he’s one of the most memorable characters in George Miller‘s incredible masterpiece of movie mayhem that is Mad Max: Fury Road. He was certainly the one that got the most attention from Conan O’Brien, who took on the Doof Warrior persona on his way to SDCC15. Now, thanks to Funny or Die, you too can Doof it with the best of them. (more…)