Street Fighter Condoms


Have you ever had the desire to incorporate your love of video games with your love of females? Have you ever wanted to buy a condom that just looked fun? Have you ever felt the need to witness Ryu’s ball sack? I know I have and that is why I am pleased to introduce you to the Street Fighter Condom. Now, there’s no way to tell if these jimmies are up for sale or are even a licensed product, but who gives a fuck..I’d buy them in the ally’s of NYC if I could. I mean, come on, Ryu banging Chun Li on a condom wrapper  makes for some interesting four-play conversation. And if your chick can figure out that most of the flags featured on the wrapper have absolutely nothing to do with the game, well, then she deserves a little bit of Ryu action. The actual image is posted after the jump but be warned: NSFW.

Source: Geekologie

Picture after jump NSFW.



Whether you’re getting laid or not, this is fucking awesome. Granted it’s more awesome if you actually get to put it on your penis and then put your penis in a vagina.  Artist Ben Marsh (check out his homepage here) created these badass packages for a sexual awareness campaign. Hang out after the jump for some up close pics and pixelated boobies!   (more…)