And the final day of Comic-Con has been released. Sad to say two weeks from today Comic-Con 2011 will be over. And although it may be the slowest day of the Con, Nerbastards will be there right up until the very end. We have finally started counting down the days until we leave…10 days to be exact….and we are so excited to be able to bring this event to all of our fans this year. But enough sentimental crap…lets get down to business. You know the routine, stars=pay attention, possible coolness. As for the rest, amazing, especially the closing…check it out. Let us know what you are interested in. What do you think of the events and panels? Anything we should skip or definately check out?

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Nerd Bastards is so looking forward to attending San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (our first year attending mind you), but there is so much going on that the overwhelming-ness of it all is making us shudder with anxiety. Two people (Luke Gallagher and Mrs. Nerd Bastards Crystal H. will be NB correspondents) , too much to do and too little time. Wednesday and Thursdays schedule (which you can see HERE) was daunting enough, but we still got Fri., Sat. and Sun. to think about. Honestly, I don’t want to report shit. I just want to ogle at Boobies and buy some collectibles. Alas, I got you non-attending bastards to think about. I will be sure to report back all the essential, need-to-know fair of the west coasts media mecca.

Anyway, Comic-Con International has unleashed the full schedule for Friday July 22nd. It’ll be a fun day. We’re talking The Amazing Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, Total Recal, Batman: Year One, Locke & Key, Masters of the Universe Classic (what? I’m a He-Man fan, wanna fight about?) and much, much more.

For you NB fans that will also be attendance, be sure you do two things. 1. Look for us. Will be wearing NB Tee Shirts (FYI you can buy your very own on If you spot us will give you a free collectible NB sticker. 2. Look at the complete schedule below and start planning your day now.


What is the difference between an Englishman and his photograph? The photograph is fully developed! Ha, I love that joke!

Why da fuck would I tell that joke? Well, much about this joke can be compared to nerds in America vs. nerds in the UK. Fans in the states, I think are a wee bit more cultured and earnest. Seriously, Brits have Doctor Who and Harry Potter, that’s about it. *fires gun into air, high-fives bald eagle* Haha, OK, I’m just being mean for the sake of humor. UK fan-boys are just as nerdy as us Yankee’s. I’m serious. Heck the UK was host to the largest fan light saber battle in history, you don’t get much nerdery than that.

Now, what da fuck am I getting at? Besides wanting to take a crack at those limey bastards, I also feel bad for them. Their just as devoted as the rest of us, yet they are not as privileged as us Americans. We get all the cool shit, namely awesome Conventions and Expo’s. Minus the occasional Doctor Who tea party, they don’t have the gatherings we do (Excluding the Light Saber battle, of course. That was a one time thing). It kinda sucks for them.

Well, that’s all about to change.

Legendary comic-book writer Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Nemesis) is launching a comic book convention in the UK called Kapow! Comic Con, happening April 9 and 10, 2011 at the London Business Design Centre (a month after C2E2 in Chicago, a week after WonderCon in San Francisco, and more than three months before Comic-Con International in San Diego). Kapow! is ideally scheduled to take advantage of 2011 and 2012’s motion picture lineups, which are heavy with comic book and genre movies including Thor, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Dredd, a Star Trek sequel and a Spider-Man reboot.

In a video message announcing the endeavor, Millar explains that it makes sense to host a Britain-based companion to the San Diego show given the nation’s population of venerable comics creators, not to mention the local presence of America’s major film studios.

Kapow! Comic Con Trailer from kapowcomiccon on Vimeo.

Tickets to Kapow! can be purchased now through the convention website

Guests include Andy Diggle, Jock, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, David Hine, Simon Furman, John McCrea and Kieron Gillen, plus Frank Quitely, Lenil Francis Yu , Dave Gibbons and of course Mark Millar himself.

source: comicalliance