DC Universe is knocking it out of the park again and again. Titans, Doom Patrol, and now Swamp Thing. DC Universe is stepping things up in quality, not afraid to take chances on comic-accurate costumes and lesser-known characters. Pushing things to a more adult-like direction, darker without taking itself too seriously or losing the “fun” that fans feel is synonymous with comic book characters. Now with Swamp Thing, they delve into the horror genre. Bringing in characters like Madame Xanadu and Blue Devil, Swamp Thing is following in the footsteps of Titans by showcasing characters that have never been seen live action. The newest trailer gives fans a glimpse into the world. But will it be another home run?


swamp thing classic

You may recall that an animated Justice League Dark movie is coming out soon, which will star Matt Ryan as John Constantine; quite a bit of buzz about it was stirred after the sneak peak was revealed alongside The Killing Joke. You may also recall that there is rumored to be a live-action affair, with Guillermo Del Toro attached at one point. Now, we get a little taste of ‘what could have been’ in the form of an animation test for the character Swamp Thing, a critical member of the team and to the story.  (more…)



Matt Ryan stole the hearts of comic fans with his portrayal of John Constantine, from the show Constantine NBC aired in 2014. The series, which was based on the Hellblazer comics, saw John and his cohorts battling the evils of ‘the Rising Darkness’, protecting the innocent from the paranormal, occult, and that which goes bump in the night. While the show was well received by fans of the comics and of superhero shows, it was cancelled after one season due to not making the numbers NBC has come to expect from their shows; fans, however, were adamant that the character return as played by Matt Ryan. There were petitions, hashtag campaigns, and even Stephen Amell of Arrow made a push (resulting in Constantine guest starring on an episode of the green archer’s show). Now CW has picked up the rights to the show (along with Supergirl from CBS)—though if they will revive it remains to be seen. While we wait for more news on the hopeful revival of the show in some capacity, we have a nice adventure to fill in the gap: the new, animated version of Justice League Dark(more…)

After making a guest appearance on last week’s episode of Arrow, fans have started a petition to bring the Constantine series back to life. The petition was created four days ago, and as of 8:38PM EST tonight, it had 12,084 supporters. The petition is currently targeting the following networks: El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen, and the USA network. (more…)

Signs of the expanded universe created across Arrow and through to The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow is now seen in just about every episode of the show. In the first four episodes of the season there’s always been some reference or callback to past, present or future events in the DC Comic TV universe, but even at that, tonight’s Arrow was special. Although Constantine is gone, John Constantine and his portrayer Matt Ryan were not forgotten, and on this week’s Arrow, the master of magic and the dark arts helped Team Arrow solve a very serious supernatural problem with tremendous results. (more…)


Constantine may be gone, but Constantine lives! As you may or may not know, in just a few short weeks Matt Ryan will reprise his roll as master of the occult John Constantine on the CW’s Arrow. Although his self-titled series may be over (for now?) Ryan’s portrayal of Constantine was so beloved that fans just couldn’t give him up so easily. Now, there have been a couple of guesses as to what might bring Constantine to Starling City, and the most obvious one has to do with the pending resssurection of a beloved heroine. It turns out, that was technically correct after all. (more…)

John Constantine

If you’re still hoping for NBC‘s Constantine to be picked up by someone else for a second season, I think it’s time that you make peace with the idea that its not coming back as an ongoing series. I know, it’s the one blemish on another wise sterling year for comic book TV, but sadly, the time for Constantine as a series has come and gone. However, that’s not to say that this is the last of Constantine as a character, even in the form of actor Matt Ryan. A producer on Arrow recently opened up the possibility that the master of the dark arts might make his way to Starling City and the Arrow Cave (wherever that may be when season four begins). (more…)

R.I.P. ‘Constantine’


Last television season was a banner season for fans of comic book television.  In addition to returning favorite Arrow, CW offered one of the best comic book adaptations audiences have ever seen with The Flash, as well as the more-fun-than-it-should-be iZombie; ABC brought back Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for another season that introduced the Inhumans, and reminded everyone how badass Hayley Atwell is with their new series, Marvel’s Agent Carter; and Fox brought along a beginning to Batman with Gotham.  For the most part, the comic book adaptations fared well and audiences will be treated to new stories when the season returns, with the added Arrow/The Flash spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow.  One comic book property that didn’t fare so well, however, was NBC’s Constantine which, according to the producer, is officially dead. (more…)

It’s Official – “Constantine” Gets Canned


Unfortunately included in a string of series cancellations from NBC, the plug has been pulled on Constantine. After the network declined to order more episodes after its initial 13, both NBC and Warner Brothers assured us that a second season was not an impossibility, and that the fate of the snarky occult detective/professional sorcerer was simply up in the air. It seems the season 2 pitches didn’t impress, however, and the show was axed. (more…)