Convention Floor


This past weekend the inaugural Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo hit the titular Canadian city. Saskatoon? Yes, you know, the city that was mentioned in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 song that one time. It’s the birth place of  both Alpha Flight‘s Puck and WWE‘s Rowdy Roddy Piper. The grain (Quadrotriticale) that the tribbles ate in the classic Star Trek episode came from there… Well now that we’ve proven the city has its share of nerd cred, how did the first year of this event go?

Two words: Freakin’ amazing. A few quick thoughts on the weekend and a metric tonne of cosplay follow. (more…)

SDCC12 in Pictures: Saturday

Man, this con is giant! You’d think after already posting picture from the last three days we’d be running out of things to share. Not so! In addition to our galleries of images from Preview Night, Thursday, and Friday comes San Diego Comic-Con in Pictures SATURDAY EDITION!

These pics are from our valiant, embedded reporter, Steven Sautter. Seriously, give him a hand for braving the insanity that is Comic-Con. And tell me guys, doesn’t this little girl dressed as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who just win Comic-Con?