Fans can be weird sometimes.

While certainly not as disturbing as erotic 30 Rock fan fiction, it’s always kind of fascinating to see just how far the goofiest lovers of certain properties will take their adoration. Today, we get to see the strangest (and perhaps whitest) rap battle ever committed in the service of nerdom. Yes, it’s the rhyme-spitting, high noon showdown between two similarly dressed (yet rhythmically opposite) rappers no one saw coming: Superman and Dragon Ball’s Kakarrot. Who thought watching these two throw down like Rabbit and Poppa Doc would be a good idea? Who cares?



To be completely honest, every time I read the title to this new ride, all I hear is Tony Soprano calling his son AJ “googootz”. My brain is weird.

Universal Orlando has finally confirmed details regarding the new signature ride at the soon-to-be-opened Diagon Alley expansion of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” (a place I will go simply to gorge myself on butter beer). The Harry Potter and the Escape from Googootz — excuse me, Gringotts — ride will feature vehicles that seat twelve folks and carry visitors “through a Harry Potter story featuring villains, dragons and goblins.” Today, Universal revealed a bunch of new details on the theme park attraction, including Harry Potter and the Escape from Googootz photos and concept art.


AMC is known for taking television projects that everyone has passed on and turned them into breakout hits for their network, spinning gold out of straw if you will.  Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have become staples to the AMC line up, but it’s taking a risk with a man who was considered “too fat to fly” (he isn’t). Kevin Smith, the soon to be retired director has is currently working on Hit Somebody, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the last time you see the silent wonder.

Kevin has been a busy man recently, working daily on Smodcast Internet Radio, promoting Red State and working on Hit Somebody. The man is always busy and what a better way to enjoy “retirement” then developing a reality TV show that will take place at his personal comic book shop, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, NJ. Considered to be a  “Pawn Stars for Fanboys,” the show has been casting over the last week and Smith recently tweeted that AMC is interested in picking up the series.

Why would AMC go after a show created by a man known for what some consider low brow humor?

‘Inception’ in 60 Seconds, In Stop-Motion Paper Cutouts

This is either really bad or really good. Or somehow both at the same time.

Wolfgang Matzl remade Inception with 19th century style paper cut-outs, shot frame-by-frame on his digital camera, for the Done In 60 Seconds competition (where entrants recreate a movie in no more than a minute). His film was one of the 10 finalists in Berlin, Germany. Despite the limited time and production, the cartoon still has some of snappy visuals. The opening, showing an unfolding building, is particularly clever. So, Good animation but crappy voice acting and no music.via Cartoon Brew)

Well kiddies, I’m off to finish a job. In my dream.

via Cartoon Brew


Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland illustrated by prolific artist and star of the low-brow art world Camille Rose Garcia will be available in print on February 2nd. Have a look at this preview of the work with narration by the artist herself. Check out the behind-the-scenes aspects of what goes into Garcia’s process and peer into the collection of weird and nerdy toys and objects she uses for inspiration. Pretty strange stuff. I can’t wait to buy a copy of this classic story with the badass artwork of Camille Rose Garcia.

You can see more of Camille’s work at her website HERE. If you’re not already a fan you will be. Especially if you’re a fan of  Mark Ryden, Elizabeth McGrath, Robert Williams, Gary Panter or any of the LA Juxtapoz-style artists. She’s the stuff we nerds dream of. I can’t wait till her work comes alive on the big screen one of these days. Mark my words, it will happen.