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Sites all over the internet, sites just like this one, use images from various movies, comics, TV shows, and more for commentary and analysis. The thing that allows them to do so is fair use. It’s pretty nifty, but comic artist Randy Queen seemingly didn’t think so.

Queen took issue with the blog Escher Girls, which points out impossible and unrealistic depictions of women in comics and other media. All the “sexy” poses that don’t look quite right get a bit of attention on the site. Coincidentally, Randy Queen is the artist of Darkchylde and Starfall, two books which are known for just these sorts of depictions. Queen has graced Escher Girls a few times, but recently he seems to have gotten fed up with it. (more…)

I am sorry to break the news to all you Star Trek and Star Wars fan out there that wanted to tromp down the highway in your own AT-AT, while having your smartphone look like a data pad from Star Trek. But, they won’t be able to happen for one reason, and one reason only.


Mike Koehler, the genius behind the AT-AT For America campaign, wrote on his Tumblr page that after numerous heart-wrenching and pleading conversations with Lucasfilm’s official fan liaison Steve Sansweet, the production of the life-size AT-AT had to stop.

Long story short, I can no longer solicit any kind of support for the AT-AT for America project in its current form. Seeking financial donations to build a piece of Lucasfilm intellectual property goes far beyond what is considered proper …

Steve Sansweet pointed out many flaws in this plan, the first being that I didn’t let Lucasfilm know from the start what we were doing. It sounds as if they aren’t the bogeyman when it comes to giving the blessing to fan project. So I don’t want my mistakes to make anything think they are the bad guy in this. I didn’t think ahead and have as firm a plan as I should of. And again, for that I am very sorry …

I have a tiny kernel of a idea with what we could do going forward with AT-AT for America that I will discuss with Mr. Sansweet and Lucasfilm once I get a plan together.

Doesn’t that just royally suck? I mean honestly.

Koehler makes a big deal that Lucasfilm is not the enemy in this fight, and that it was his own mistake. But so what? Help the man build it and make some more money off of it!

As for the Star Trek app, which is an amazing idea and would have sold millions, was halted for the very same reason.

Park Bench Software, which developed and sold an app (for $1) received a threatening email from CBS, which own the Star Trek brand. They said that the app was, “using [their] branded Star Trek elements” which infringes on CBS‘ intellectual property rights.

This is why we can never have nice things.