Corey Feldman

Oh the joys of youth. Back in the day The Lost Boys were pretty hip. It was a good movie, good cast, great music, fun pacing, and vampires that didn’t sparkle. The Lost Boys had a good run in the theaters and seemed set to make a sequel. Then nothing. Just like the vampires in the movie the sequel just disintegrated into dust.

Through the years one would hear rumors of a sequel in the works or a comic book based on the story or maybe even that a television show was brewing, but alas there was just dust and disappointment. Twenty plus years later in 2008 The Lost Boys : The Tribe came out, and went straight to DVD. The movie made money and was Warner Premiere’s highest selling DVD of 2008, much of it just riding the coattails of the much beloved original. The third pretty much did the same with the exception that many of those fans turned off by Tribe just downloaded a bootleg copy of Thirst.

So the news of the day, I mean the rumour of the day, I mean the hint of the day, I mean the water cooler talk heard today over at Bloody Disgusting is that a fourth movie is in the works. Even vampires aren’t allowed to just rest in peace.

Has anything new come out of this series yet, anything entertaining? This looks like just another trip to suck what little blood is left out of The Lost Boys. Just pound a stake in it’s heart and let it rest. The world has moved on to sparkling vampires and has no time for these 80’s rehashes.