Corey Haim

Oh the joys of youth. Back in the day The Lost Boys were pretty hip. It was a good movie, good cast, great music, fun pacing, and vampires that didn’t sparkle. The Lost Boys had a good run in the theaters and seemed set to make a sequel. Then nothing. Just like the vampires in the movie the sequel just disintegrated into dust.

Through the years one would hear rumors of a sequel in the works or a comic book based on the story or maybe even that a television show was brewing, but alas there was just dust and disappointment. Twenty plus years later in 2008¬†The Lost Boys : The Tribe came out, and went straight to DVD. The movie made money and was Warner Premiere’s highest selling DVD of 2008, much of it just riding the coattails of the much beloved original. The third pretty much did the same with the exception that many of those fans¬†turned off by Tribe just downloaded a bootleg copy of Thirst.

So the news of the day, I mean the rumour of the day, I mean the hint of the day, I mean the water cooler talk heard today over at Bloody Disgusting is that a fourth movie is in the works. Even vampires aren’t allowed to just rest in peace.

Has anything new come out of this series yet, anything entertaining? This looks like just another trip to suck what little blood is left out of The Lost Boys. Just pound a stake in it’s heart and let it rest. The world has moved on to sparkling vampires and has no time for these 80’s rehashes.

2011 Oscars: The King Stands Victorious


Well folks, here ends the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

It wasn’t the most thrilling, surprising or even as heartwarming as previous shows have been – but it was still a fairly good show!

It started off with a standard cold open, with hosts James Franco (who looked high the whole night) and Anne Hathaway parodying all the major movies nominated, with special guests Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman.

There were some cute moments with the pair throughout, most notably Hathaway belting out an amazing rendition of “On My Own” making fun of Hugh Jackman, and Franco coming on stage dressed as Marilyn Monroe. But, like all Oscar hosts, they really did not do much other than introduce people and occasionally make humorous observations. I am impressed that the Oscars decided to go with “hip” hosts, but it was a little on the nose, don’t you think?

Other than that, the greatest moments were when Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo inadvertently dropped the first and only F-bomb of the night during an extremely surprised speech, Kurt Douglas making everyone laugh with his amazing wit and talent (despite having a stroke a few years back), Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s funny skit in their category presentation (They should host the Oscars. Just sayin.) and Billy Crystal‘s tribute to the great Bob Hope. Oh, and Annette Bening looked like Madame Webb. This amused me.

The main question is always if there were any surprises. Ya! Corey Haim didn’t get mentioned in the dead actor memoriam. Fuckin’ bullshit! Anyway, in the big categories, not really.

The King’s Speech walked away with Best Picture, Best Director (Tom Hooper) and Best Actor (Colin Firth). While Natalie Portman won the Oscar for Best Actress for Black Swan like everyone knew she would (she oddly mentioned Michelle Rodriguez in her acceptance speech, perhaps for advising her on how to pleasure a woman?), and Best Supporting Actor went to Jesus Christian Bale for The Fighter (who forgot his wife’s name in his acceptance speech).

However in the smaller categories, there were a few twists!

Pixar‘s animated short “Day & Night,” which aired before Toy Story 3 lost to “The Lost Thing,” while Best Original Screenplay went to The King’s Speech instead of the incredibly surreal and thought-provoking Inception, and Best Foreign Film went to a film from Denmark entitled “In a Better World” instead of the favorite from my neck of the woods, Canada, called “Incendies.”

As for fashion, Anne Hathaway looked gorgeous in everything she wore, as did Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and Michelle Williams. Frankly, all the guy’s looked the same to me.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a big fashion blow-by-blow of the big winners and losers of the night, but it is just not my forte. But hell, check your local newspapers and magazines tomorrow, as they’ll have all the coverage you could ever want and more! But, I do have one fashion related note to be given: Cate Blanchett, you are not a member of the Tellitubbies, so do not dress like one.

What did you think of tonight’s show? Did anything surprise or disappoint you? Anyone left out that you felt deserved to win?

For a full list of all the winners, click below the jump.