corridor Digital

As every evolving mythos surrounding your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man marches on into it’s 52nd year, you start to wonder if there is any new twists or turns creators could spin to reinvent the character for new generations. We’ve seen costume changes, more than a few clones, heck even web-shooters with a built in mp3 player (kids are crazy about those mp3 players) and bat-crap-crazy dance numbers that have NO place in the movie. Where can you take Lee and Ditko’s wallcrawler when it seems like he’s been everywhere?

The butt. You go straight for the butt.

Corridor Digital plunged new depths in a special effects/rectal web extravaganza (featuring RocketJump filmmaker Clinton Jones as Spidey) that you have to see to believe (and then forever never unsee.) (more…)


Ubisoft‘s upcoming March 8th release for Tom Clancy’s The Division is ramping up with some new web-based live action series that looks at the agents and the world they now live in. Youtubers Corridor Digital, RocketJump, and devinsupertramp teamed up with Ubisoft to produce four shorts, one to be premiered on each Youtube channel. Now all four are available and you can check them out after the jump. (more…)


This fan film cost 209 bucks to make, it is a Modern Warfare fan made film and let me say, GOOD GOD!! Created by the folks at Corridor Digital.

They have absolutely flawless digital blood spatter and airstrikes, the acting is fine enough but this is not about emotion, this is about Modern Warfare and the sequel will be coming FOR REAL (They assure us), but When??WHEN?? The masses surge!! Check it after the Spike. (Via Kotaku) (more…)