Cory Michael Smith


If you watch Gotham on weekly basis, then you know that the writers are having fun screwing around with the basic DNA of the comic book, from Selina Kyle witnessing the Wayne murders, to Poison Ivy’s dad being a suspect, to last night’s introduction of the Scarecrow who turns out has a crazy daddy just as obsessed with phobias as he will one day be. Gotham loves its bad eggs, or at least the characters that will one day costume up and become bad eggs, but unless they’re going to start dipping into the nosebleeds and do the origin stories for Egg-Head and King Tut, there’s still one last Batman big bad left to be introduced on the show, and according to the show’s executive producer he’s coming. Sooner than you think. (more…)

‘Gotham’ Finds Its Riddler

Cory Michael Smiht

Despite protest and anxiety from some Batman fans, the Fox series¬†Gotham¬†is moving forward at full speed. They’ve already got a novice Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and a whole cast of iconic – but younger – Batman characters lined up. And the cast just keeps on growing. If you’ve ever wanted to play an amateur Man-Bat or Harvey Dent, now’s the time to get your head shots in!