costume contest

It was a highlight of my time at Dragon*Con last year and it was again this year, it’s the annual Venture Party at Dragon*Con hosted by the Venture Bros. Blog! The party is held in the Pulse Lounge which overlooks the Marriot’s lobby – providing unparalleled crowd watching – and it’s an awesome way to hang out, drink, a get to know other Venturoos at Dragon*Con. The party is chocked full of Venture Bros. cosplay. You can’t swing a dead Dean or Hank without hitting, well, a Dean or Hank. There’s also henchmen, Monarchs, Dr. Ventures, Captain Hatreds, and even costumes of some of the most obscure characters the show’s ever produced.

Here’s my sorry attempt to fit all The Venture Bros. cosplayers into one massive photo – I failed – but I managed to get almost everyone in at least one of these photos.


When I wrote Tips and Tricks for a Dragon*Con n00b I said if you like it, chances are someone else at D*C will like it, too. This statement could not be more true than when speaking of The Venture Bros. It’s a quirky, outrageous, hilarious bastardization of all your childhood heroes straight from the insane minds of Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. Venture Bros. is a show with a small, but ever growing, rabid and devoted fan base. I figure you can count on one hand how many people you meet day in and day out that are fans. You were probably the one who introduced them to the show, amirite?

Basically, Venture Bros. is a niche, but at D*C that’s okay. In fact, for Venturoos it’s frickin’ fantastic! Being are own little niche of weird, butterfly-lovin’, Jackie O. impersonators means when we meet it’s like finding a lost, kindred spirit. Welcome to the,