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Huge news for fans of the anime Cowboy Bebop. Casting for a live-action Netflix version of Cowboy Bebop has been announced. Unlike a lot of American produced anime live-action adaptations, Netflix is going with a much more diverse cast, leaning away from the typical whitewashing you see from Hollywood. If fan reaction is any indication, they’re doing something right. Who are the stars of the much-beloved anime? What well-known faces could be seen? Actors from Star Trek, Luke Cage, Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom, and The Miniaturist come together to bring Cowboy Bebop to life in what is sure to be the next big Netflix hit.


‘Cowboy Bebop’ Live-Action Still On?

cowboy bebop

There was a time when rumors of a live-action adaptation of the amazing anime Cowboy Bebop were circulating.  Hell, they had even gone so far at one point as to target Keanu Reeves for the role of Spike (that would have been a true disaster).  Personally, I have some mixed feelings on the subject, as I’d love to see more Bebop, but will be enraged if they just turn out some shit project to get some dollar bills.  But that project went into limbo, and fans breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Well, it looks like the rumors are resurfacing, courtesy of the Cowboy Bebop director himself, Shinichiro Watanabe.

When chatting at the recent London Comic Con, Watanabe had this to say:

There is a project underway in America for a live-action version of Cowboy Bebop. But the details are a secret so I’m afraid I can’t talk about that. Cowboy Bebop was influenced a lot by American film so I’m interested to see how America will turn that into a live-action movie. I hope they’ll be able to keep the feeling of the animated Cowboy Bebop.

So it seems that we yet find a Bebop movie gracing theaters in the future.  Whether that brings great joy or great pain, however, still remains to be seen.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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Above: Is a Zombie bite contagious to aliens species? No idea, but Andy J. Hunter is going to help us find out soon enough thanks to changing up this famous E.T. scene to a full out zombie horde. Elliott is going to have to pedal fast if he wants to stay ahead of the undead shambling because all the magic fingers in the world aren’t going to save him now. E.T. gonna hunger for flesh. [Geek Tyrant]

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Toonami makes it’s triumphant return to Cartoon Network this Saturday and below is the schedule as announced. Don’t worry if one of your favorites isn’t on the list. This NerdBastard is sure that more will be added and substituted as series finish. A lot of those listed don’t have that many episodes anyways.

12:00 a.m. – Bleach
12:30 a.m. – Deadman Wonderland
01:00 a.m. – Casshern Sins
01:30 a.m. – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
02:00 a.m. – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
02:30 a.m. – Cowboy Bebop

What do you think of the starting schedule?

What’s missing that you can’t wait to see added?

Did you miss your daily dose of top ten? Well so did we, and this week we give you the best type of Top Ten which is all about 90’s cartoons. Don’t worry these aren’t just any run of the mill cartoons. No, these are the ones that got brushed under the rug and didn’t really get the respect they deserve. ‘Cause even though some of today’s cartoons are slightly great, you gotta admit that a part of you yearn for that guilty pleasure that no one else got or appreciated.  So take a seat, and reacquaint with some cartoons that will have you searching them on Google faster than you can read this paragraph.

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)

We start off the Top Ten List with Tiny Toon Adventures. Released in 1990,this show was cut short in 1992 with the gained popularity of the Animanics. What made this show seemingly unappreciated was that this really brought back the otherworldliness of Looney Tunes Universe, and parodied current events of the 1990’s and Hollywood so that we could fall in love with this type of comedy again. Ultimately it kept the classic Looney spirit, while managing to adapt to the times, which would spearhead other comedies to come.



93 Different Anime Series, One Opening


While we all know it’s hard to be original, there is nothing wrong to create or do something that has been done before since folks will be familiar with it. Well, the video here is to show that the anime industry is not afraid of doing that familiar thing… over and over again.

Derek Lieu created the video posted below that may prove that the anime industry follows a certain formula or checklist when it comes to making the opening animation. Whether it be running towards the left side of the screen to a close up of a characters eye, the video shows how 93 different anime opening animation has something in common with each other.

As an anime fan, I find this hilarious and to be honest, I can name 10+ more anime that can fit into this video. Even if you’re not a anime fan, I say check the video out just to see how ridiculous it is.

Source: Topless Robot


Yeah…so this happened. While I may like Yahh Trick (yeah, the censored version), I really don’t care for Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em since his music doesn’t do much for me. Well, Soulja recently release this track, titled Anime, and like the title of this post says…I died a little inside. Seriously, I felt like my life force was slowly draining away from me while listening to the 3 minutes of this… thing (I can’t even call it song).

Folks, if you do listen to this, you’ll notice that all the anime he says has aired on Toonami/Adult Swim. Y’all know, shows like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Death Note, and even Case Closed. He also goes on saying how his like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and shooting fire balls like Trunks (Nerd Rage: They are KI BLASTS!! NOT Fire balls!). Also, something about Pikachu and diamonds.

So what do y’all think? You think this is a next hit waiting to happen or is this just utter shit (sorry about the language but that’s how I feel about this). Tell us by commenting after the jump.

Source: Topless Robot