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Right off the bat, we loved the sound of Chris Pratt a.k.a. Star-Lord (never gets old) starring in the film adaptation of the graphic novel Cowboy Ninja Viking. It’s just one of those genius casting choices that totally makes sense going by the source material. Moreover, Pratt’s transformation from funny-man/scene-stealer in Parks & Recreation, to all-round action guy in one of the biggest hits of last year, Guardians of the Galaxy, has been amazing to watch. Pratt’s able to seamlessly mix acting chops, one-liners, and the physique of a man of action, all of which he will test again in this summer’s Jurassic World. As for the movie version of CNV, it’s on the verge of locking down the masters of ‘Gun-kada’ themselves: David Leitch and Chad Stahelski to direct the film. They made the slickest action movie of last year, the Keanu Reeves-starring John Wick, but can they now mold Pratt into the ultimate warrior for Cowboy Ninja Viking? (more…)

Chris Pratt

After the revelation that Chris Pratt turned down the main role for Sony’s big screen adaptation of the hit video game Uncharted, there were a few disappointed fans of both; the game and the actor, left questioning his decision. However, if you think about it, his agent must be inundated with myriad scripts after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy propelled Pratt into A List territory. Fortunately Pratt is now attached Universal’s tentpole adaptation of the graphic novel Cowboy Ninja Viking (does it come as any surprise that this role has sparked an interest from Pratt?). A movie with that kind of title would have Pratt’s Parks and Recreation alter ego Andy Dwyer jumping around stupid like an excited and diminutive kid-ster (Pratt is like a slightly less pumped version of Dwyer). This is also a pretty smart move, as it is a massive genre project that Universal is pumping a lot of talent and money into. With a story focusing on a schizophrenic assassin who obtains the skills of a Cowboy, a Ninja, and a Viking working for a secret government program, who wouldn’t want to be involved in a project like that?! (more…)

This Nerd Bastards writer has never read Cowboy Ninja Viking by AJ Lieberman. It’s one of my biggest comic-book regrets. I mean, come on… a comic about a schizophrenic hero with personalities of a cowboy, ninja and a viking -who all have dialogue with each other – should be high on my list of priorities! Eh, I’ll just wait for the movie adaptation.

About a year and a half back, Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wenick were hired to script Cowboy Ninja Viking for Disney. As it turns out, Disney didn’t quite like the adult route Reese and Wernick were taking, so they scrapped the project. *Gee-whiz Disney, what the fuck did you expect hiring those two? But CNV has found a new home at Universal (I guess they thought Cowboys and Aliens wasn’t terrible enough), and Marc Forster could end up making it his follow-up to World War Z.

Deadline says that Forster is ready to make this one his next film, and that production could begin later this year.

I pretty much have no opinion on Marc Forster. He’s not a bad director, but he’s not a very good one either. His films -like Quantum of Solace, Stranger Than Fiction, and Finding Neverland– leave me with a “Meh” feeling. I guess he’s competent enough to take on this wacky comic series. But I’m not encouraged either.

The real question here is on whether or not Cowboy Ninja Viking is a filmable property. I can’t imagine how they would approach the multiple personalities shtick. I think it may be too confusing to convey.

Source: Deadline




I consider myself a well rounded comic-book aficionado. I have a relatively good grasp of what new series are currently out in my local comic shop. I’ve heard of everything. So clearly there is a conspiracy against me when I tell you that I have never heard of AJ Lieberman‘s (Batman: Hush Returns, and Proof) COWBOY NINJA VIKING. Umm…. WHAT? How does a title like COWBOY NINJA VIKING elude my nerd radar? While I try to solve the mystery on who would keep such a bad-ass comic away from nerdy fingertips I should get to today’s main announcement.

Deadline reports that after a pitch from Zombieland screenwriters Paul Wernick and  Rhett Reese, the comic series has been picked up by Disney for a big screen adaptation, with Wernick and Reese attached to write.

CNV is  the birth child of Doctor Sebastian Ghislain, a psychotherapist who recruits Multiple Personality Disorder patients to create a unit of counter-intelligence agents called the Triplets. But what happens when those guys become out of control assassins? That’s when the deadliest Triplet of them all, COWBOY NINJA VIKING, is called in to take down his own brethren.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve never even heard of the comic-book series let alone read it. I have no idea how good it is or how good of a comic-book film it could make. But,  a schizophrenic hero with personalities of a cowboy, ninja and a Viking who, apparently all have dialogue with each other? I’ll be the first one in line.

What do y’all think about this comic book being adapted into a film?