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‘Cowboys and Engines’ Casts Malcolm McDowell

Dr. Clay

Canyons star and porn legend James Deen has finally nabbed a big bad for his western/steampunk project, Cowboys and Engines and it’s an impressive get — Malcolm McDowell, aka the man who killed Captain Kirk and the force of nature that played Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

McDowell’s career has been incredibly varied and interesting — from the above mentioned work to his more recent TV work on Franklin and Bash and Entourage, his long ago turn in Caligula, his time voicing Metallo in various animated Superman projects, and a whole host of other roles. Really, he’s a geek icon, a gee-con if you will, and he’s just the latest (and greatest) one to join the cast of this intriguing project, joining Walter Koenig (Star Trek, tell me you knew that) and Richard “Do Not Ever Call me Dick” Hatch of BSG fame.

Check out the synopsis for Cowboys and Engines below, read our interview with Deen, and then decide if McDowell took this project based on it’s merits, or if he’s slowly working to cinematically knock off every cast member from the original Star Trek series.

Cowboys & Engines is an ambitious steampunk adventure that follows Cade Ballard (Jeff Cannata), the war-weary former ambassador from the nation of Texas as he meets Guinivere Wheeler (Libby Letlow), a woman who proves to be as dangerous as she is charming. When they encounter Professor Nicholas Timéon (Walter Koenig), and learn that his temporal engine, a machine with incredible destructive power, has been stolen by would-be conqueror Dr. Clay, Cade and Guinivere set off to save San Francisco from total destruction.

To learn more about Cowboys and Engines, check out their Kickstarter page.

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This edition of Crowdfund Confidential features an exclusive interview with James Deen, the producer of Cowboys and Engines and the star of Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader‘s The Canyons… aka, that Lindsay Lohan film from the now notorious New York Times profile.

We did ask Deen about The Canyons, his career in porn, and whether he worries about Lohan’s infamy, but this article is really about Cowboys and Engines, a sci-fi/steampunk project that Deen is trying to get funded through Kickstarter. After all, that’s what Crowdfund Confidential is all about — introducing that you to a project creator that is trying to get funding for a comic, film, or other like creative endeavor that is both independent and interesting.

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