Craig Kyle

craig kyle

With the last of their Phase 2 projects just a few months from releasing, Team Marvel/Disney is putting Phase 3 firmly into motion. We’ve already heard news about Captain America 3 earlier in the week. Now we get some information concerning the third film in the Thor franchise. And it looks like they’ve got someone with a bit of comic book experience coming onboard in the form of Craig Kyle. (more…)

loki 2

The latest Thor: The Dark World trailer hit the other day and, if you ask me, it’s looking pretty good so far.  Now, just in case you needed a little help understanding what was going on in the trailer (or are just interested in some of the behind-the-scenes chatter), some of the cast and crew of Thor 2 have gotten together and made some comments about a few of the shots we saw.  Check out the images and what people had to say below.  <after the jump>