Craig Plestis

At some point you’ve played Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots and thought “that would be cool to try out with real live robots.” Well dreams do come true. Syfy is bringing the Robot Combat League to our respective TV sets. The show will be hosted by former WWE superstar and Fozzy front man Chris Jericho and it will be on it’s way in the new year.

The creation of reality TV producer Craig Plestis and robotics expert Mark Setrakian, this unique show pits teams of two — one engineer and one “robo jockey” — with one of twelve custom made robots in an elimination style tournament for $100,000. If your bot is damaged during one of the boxing/MMA ruled fights you’re given 20 minutes to fix it, but if your box suffers a critical failure or your 20 minutes expire you’re out of the tournament and Hugh Jackman’s kid gets taken by his evil aunt Debra and uncle Marvin… or something.  Check out more after the jump.

You know what SyFy Channel needs? More reality series, of course! And, wouldn’t you know it, the station has a new reality-based program lined up.

According to Deadline, SyFy has ordered up a show called Opposite Worlds. A 12-episode unscripted series which will observe the conveniences of the future vs the hardships of the past.

In Opposite Worlds, twenty people from all walks of life are mixed together in two opposing teams that live in two distinctly different worlds – the Past and the Future. The Future is a Utopia where every wish can be granted with a push of a button; the Past is a constant struggle for survival. Each week, players compete in a series of challenges to determine who lives in the Past and who lives in the future.

Uh, you know what… that actually sounds rather interesting. I mean come on, Kubrickian futurism mixed with a Hunger Games dystopia… that’s a social experiment I’d love to see.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think SyFy channel sold itself out years ago. Long gone are the premium science fiction shows that broadened vision, understanding and innovation. The corporate, statistic driven execs abandoned science fiction fans for cheezy occult based shows, terrible B movies and cookie cutter reality series.

I won’t argue that the channel has lost it’s way; given up on it’s core values. However, this Opposing Worlds thing could be one of the few programming exceptions. There aren’t a lot of reality series with actual social experiments taking place.

Source: Deadline