(It’s a real holiday, look it up.) So gather around the internets poorly guarded exhaust port because Jeremy and Jason are back with another podcast to help usher you into the holiday season. Yes, a solid 60 minutes of nerd news pop-culture type talkin’ things (spoiler, real honest to goodness Star Wars news this week!) So listen, won’t you?

This week on the show: (more…)


This week, a new episode of The BastardCast is racing toward you like Justin Bieber in a Lambo! That’s right, like an atomic rat on a Russian ghost ship, we’re goona gnaw your face off with comedy! You will witness Batman’s secret shame. You will learn the terrible truth behind the Stan Lee/George Lucas connection. You will judge Jason and Jeremy poorly since they are making most of this up as they go along. (more…)


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This week on The Bastardcast: Jason and Jeremy return from their tour of Yo Momma to talk about the big drama surrounding a little bit of peen in Saga #12, a Game of Thrones fan’s Craigslist enabled sexy time fantasy, and world renowned sugar-tit enthusiast Mel Gibson’s possible directorial return for The Expendables vs. The Macabees: A Time Travel Adventure, aka Expendables 3.

Also on the show: Would you have sex with a robot? 9% of you would according to a new poll and apparently 50% of our adventurous hosts would as well. So, yeah, we’ll be dedicating some time to discuss Cylon banging.

We’ll also tackle the sale Shatner’s phaser, the return of Carrie Kelley to Batman comics, the departure of Microsoft’s former creative director and chief gamer pisser off-er, the sacrificial lamb that is Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Warner Bros. big DC movie plans, TV’s favorite couple (TEAM KADEEM!), and Jeremy and Jason try to figure out why Jodie Foster is rocking a smart pantsuit 140 years into the future in the somewhat District 9-y Elysium trailer.

All that and a lyrical ode to Axel Rose’ bulge on… The Bastardcast.

rangerThe Bastardcast: Nucking Futs and horrendously bad at spelling.


Strange, quirky ads are not a new thing on Craigslist. You can find just about anything on Craigslist, new and used clothing, toys, records, services of one (Cough-Cough) type or another. Many people browse Craigslist just to find gems like this one.

Seeking Robb Stark Look-alike from GOT – w4m – 25 (New Orleans)


The Iron throne replica goes for upwards of $30,000 dollars so she’s obviously a lady of means. Cosplayers in the area might want to question any friends that look like Robb Stark and suddenly want to borrow a few fur laced cosplay piece of armor or cloak.

What do you think about this? Kudos for trying to live out any of your fantasies, sexual or not, but I would never suggest this route to any of my friends or relatives. No medical testing, no names, it just seems unsafe. Imagine that, a Craigslist that’s unsafe. Perhaps this is part of the thrill she is seeking.

I wonder what Richard Madden thinks about the whole thing? Rumor is that he secretly married his long time girl friend recently.

If she can’t find a Robb Stark Look-alike then maybe a Jon Snow would do, he knows where to put it after all.


Chime in, would you ever consider answering this ad or making on like it to fufill your fantasies

Via: MTVGeek

As Hollywood systematically remakes each and every movie from the 80s its nice to see you can get a slice of action on the cheap. Karl Welzein, President and CEO of Bad Boy City Entertainment, has put his script for a Roadhouse remake up for sale on Craigslist. As Welzien put it ‘you’ll feast your eyes on a taste of the gold‘ and it is ‘the film America’s been cravin’ for.’

Not sold yet? How about this, he also inexplicably states it will star restaurateur, television personality, and game show host Guy Fieri! PLUS, Welzien will also co-star in the movie to help you keep costs low.

How can this fail?

If you’re still not sold you can check out an excerpt from the opening scene of Roadhouse 2012: Pain Still Don’t Hurt after the jump.


Akira was the first anime I ever watched outside of Sailor Moon and it was an eye opening experinece. Instead of a bright and colorful landscape with funny monsters it was all grunge and dirt filled with more technology that could ever fit in Sailor Moon’s skirt. 2019’s Neo-Tokyo may only be eight years away but if your carrying $4000 in your wallet you could be the proud owner of Kaneda’s motorcycle. Yes, the exact motorcycle from the 1988 movie could be yours making you the envy of the next anime convention.

12500 RPM of awesome


Available at

Available at

First, someone buy me that shirt in the photo above – everyone knows that Buffy Summers would kick any of those sparkly vampires’ asses. It’s right here at Just $19.99. I’m a small or medium. Thanks.

Next: Ew, ew, EW! I submit the ickiness below as reason #627 why the guys who see “Twilight” are creepy. Um, I guess I should add that the freaks in the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist are creepy too, huh? Consider it added, and with a double side of EW! Can you believe this weirdo? I guess that’s how you get your kicks in Fargo:

i sat behind you at he midnight showing of New Moon last night. Me: medium height, dark hair, long nails, mysterious. You: straight long blond hair, full ruby lips, you were wearing black cargo pants and a twilight hoodie. as your hair draped down behind your seat i just has to hold it and smell it deeply(pantene. great choice). i dont remember much ov the movie but i will always remember the smell and texture of your hair. the way you sound when you whisper and laugh. after the movie i followed you and your friend to perkin’s. i waited outside in my car so i could watch you eat and smile. i followed you home and made sure you got there safely.i noticed you left you car unlocked so i went to have a look into your life. i can tell by looking in your car that we have a lot in common. if you want your dash ornaments back you will have to meet me and we can have a great time getting to know each other. “grin”

Thanks to for the info above and for giving me the heebie-jeebies. *shudder*