Scrawny Black Dude Turns Super Saiyan

Remember Dragon Ball Z?  This kid definitely does.

“All I’ve ever wanted to be in life was a super saiyan…” Dude clearly has some high aspirations! If you actually listen to his spiel about how y’all can do anything y’all set your minds to, it’s actually pretty inspiring.

But whatever.

The important part is at 3:30 when he tries for the first time to become a super saiyan.  Check this shit out, guys.  I don’t even have any jokes for this; you just gotta watch it.

All that inspiring shit he said?  Yeah, not quite as awesome now.

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Acting. For some its a job, others a craft and to Nicholas Cage it is a stereophonic peanut butter bowling ball waterfall because he is insane. We know the dude is crazy and thankfully he continues to new and exciting ways to prove it to us. Talking with Empire recently, he gave us some insight on how he prepared for playing Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider. He starts of with the usual method acting speech, hits you with a right jab of lunacy and BAM! Out of nowhere a left hook of 100% pure bat shit insane.

“It was the first time that I played Ghost Rider. Blaze was easy; I knew he was a man who had been living with a curse for eight years of having his head light on fire, and the tone that would take. I compared him to a cop, or a paramedic who develops a dark sense of humour to cope with the horrors he has seen. But Blaze has also caused the horrors, so he’s hiding out because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.”

Yep, pretty much the typical. You can see any actor saying something to this effect, right? Well get ready cause he is about to go full on Nic Cage after the jump.


Florida. Not like the rest of us.

Floridian resident Stephanie Pitsey, 18, is currently being held as an accessory for the murder of Jacob Hendershot, which is being being reported as a premeditated killing. Police say that Jacob was lured to a house where several of Pitsey’s friends brutally killed the 16 (!) year old, after which they proceeded to dump his body in a local storm drain. Now, while this is plenty fucked up as it is…it’s not even close to the weirdest part of the crime.

In a recent interview from behind bars Stephanie claimed <and hold on to your hats here people> that she is a half-vampire/half-werewolf hybrid! Whoa!

Are you shitting me? This isn’t Underworld and she sure as hell isn’t Scott Speedman, but her words may be true (as twisted as they are). Police claim that she and four others, also carrying similar charges, were members of a vampire cult, which may be the reasoning behind the killing in the first place.

Pistey said: “Since I was like, 12…I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire. Part of a vampire and part of a werewolf.” Pitsey denies drinking any of Hendershot’s blood, but has claimed to have drank the blood of fiance and co-defendant William Chase, 25.

I wonder if they’ll somehow find a way to trace this back to the whole Twilight thing and maybe force some government action against it. A man can dream, a man can dream.

Police are currently looking for, and expecting to arrest, a sixth person in connection to the crime in Florida.

Via: io9, CBS News

Good news Everyone! Modern psychiatric medicine has clearly solved all the real world issues and can now start to tackle the world of comic books. Forensic psychiatrists H. Eric Bender, Praveen R. Kambam and Vasilis K. Pozios have used an opinion piece published in the New York Times to call on DC Comics to use the New 52 reboot/relaunch as a means to change the way mental illness is portrayed in funny books. It is an interesting, if not weird, read that focuses on the heart of madness in the DC Universe. The Batman family and it’s bat crap insane cast of characters:

“Comic books have long relied on mental disorders to drive their most memorable villains. Consider the Batman line, in which the Joker, Harley Quinn and other ‘criminally insane’ rogues are residents of Gotham City’s forensic psychiatric hospital, Arkham Asylum.

Introduced in 1974, Arkham grossly confuses the concepts of psychiatric hospital and prison. Patients are called ‘inmates,’ decked out in shackles and orange jumpsuits, while a mental health professional doubles as the ‘warden.’ Even the antiquated word ‘asylum’ implies that the patients are locked away with no treatment and little hope of rejoining society.

Contrast that with real-world forensic psychiatric hospitals, where patients are typically incompetent to stand trial or judged not guilty by reason of insanity. These individuals are not inmates, since they have not been convicted of crimes and are not incarcerated.”

Well now, that would sure put a damper on the rather popular video games Arkham Asylum and its forthcoming sequel Arkham City. Witness, thrilling bullet time word association action! Can you administer the proper dosage of Zoloft® to the Mad Hatter before TV time? Witness the daring self-check out of Mr. Freeze after a successful 3 month treatment for his separation anxiety!