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Theft is a crime that can be done in a variety of ways, from simple shoplifting to grand theft auto. It all depends on how you do it. Robbing a store in the middle of the day can be tough, there’s witnesses and cameras everywhere, you’re going to get caught. Now, what if you decided to go all ‘Dig-Dug’ and tunnel your way under the store, is it possible to get away. Any way you slice it committing a crime is stupid, this is just one for the hall of fame.

Who was this crawling criminal?

Tennessee resident Steven Archer (NOT pictured above) was arrested last Thursday for not only breaking into a vacant building, but using it as a base to tunnel his way into the GameStop next door. With all the ways in the world to rob a store and he goes with the one plan that sounds like a bad sequel to The Ladykillers. Although he did get caught he didn’t just dig through the floor and get arrested, he did get away with $300 and more than $5,300 in games and electronics. Nearly $6,000 pulling a Wile E. Coyote style scheme and he almost got away with it.

And he thought nobody would notice the hole in the floor.

Via: Geekosystem


In this age of self help and self discovery there is a multimillion dollar market for books that tackle these daunting self improvement tasks.  Whole shelves of Chicken Soup for the __________The Secret and others can help you fix what ever you, or the world thinks is wrong with you.  Having exhausted that market and written a book for every possible legal group available; self improvement writers have moved on to the only market remaining, the criminal genius.  The first to take a crack at conquering this market is the Covey group, famous for their line of Seven Habits of Highly Effective _______ books.  So get out your number two pencil, a yellow legal pad of paper, a Slim Jim, something very caffeinated to drink, laugh your most maniacal laugh, and click the jump.