Okay, this might look like a juvenile post from a guy who giggles and hops up and down during TV and movie nude scenes, but I assure you that I’m very adult. No I’m not, I totally fist pumped when I read this news on The Daily Mail. Thing is, I can’t really go too deeply into this because if you haven’t read the books, the meat of this news is a total spoiler. Haha, I said “deep” and “meat.” Anyway, the long and short (see that?) of it is that Lena Headley’s character Cersei has been trying to shoot a nude scene for next season but they’re producing it in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The town doubles as King’s Landing and the Croatian Film Commission took umbrage with Cersei’s exhibitionist shenanigans. Why? Because it’s in a church. Why? Because SPOILERS, that’s why! (more…)

Filming is going strong for Game of Thrones‘ Season 3. We reported previously on their excursions in Croatia which ended this weekend with the cast and crew moving on to Morocco. In fact, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) posted a message to her official Facebook page yesterday saying she was on her way, and it’s been reported Ian Glenn (Jorah Mormont) is already there. Stay tuned for what will likely be many, many set photos of the Khaleesi and the first of Queensguard over the coming weeks.

For now we’ve got the last of the set reports and photos from Croatia and Northern Ireland. Here’s a scene being filmed between Charles Dance (Tywin) and Julian Glover (Pycelle) and it’s an interesting one because nothing like it occurs in the book. At least not that we see– err, read, because neither of their characters serve as a P.O.V. in A Storm of Swords. Note, obviously that shot above is from them lounging on set, wouldn’t expect Pycelle to be showing that kind of leg on the show.

Feel free to click ’em to soak in all the details. Basically it looks like a discussion between the two, probably over some realm-ly concerns, while Tywin fishes or something. Such the outdoors-man. Honestly, I cannot wait for any scene Tywin’s involved with because Dance just nails it every time. Not that Glover isn’t rockin’ it as Pycelle, but those scenes between Tywin and Arya last season were a treat!

What we’ve got next is super spoilery. STOP NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T READ A STORM OF SWORDS. Or, if ya just don’t give a shit. Then I ask, why are you here?


It feels like filming for Game of Thrones Season 3 only just began in Dubrovnik, Croatia but already they’re nearing a wrap. Tomorrow they’re set to finish in Croatia and move out to Morocco, leaving today as the last day the Croatian papers will be filled with photos from the set. Captured by Dulist, Dubrovacki Vjesnik, and Portal Oko here’s some shots of Sansa (Sophie Turner), Shae (Sibel Kekilli), Ros (Esme Bianco) and Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) filming a scene,

As readers of the book surely know we’ll see some significant events between Littlefinger and Sansa very soon, but what part Shae and Ros will play in these instances I’m not so sure. Clearly they’ll be involved as see in the filming above.

In addition to the set photos – more at WinterIsComing.netPortal Oko snagged a quick interview with writers/executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss,

Game of Thrones returns in 176 days!

Filming has been underway for Season 3 of Game of Thrones for a few weeks now and it looks like things have moved on from the icy north to the scenic and sunny coasts of Croatia, which stands in for much of King’s Landing and the lands farther east where Daenerys and her dragons are. The Croatian press has snapped a few photos of stars Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Aidan Gillen, Jerome Flynn, and Daniel Portman all arriving. Check ’em out below,

That dress! It’s gorgeous! I would wear it everyday. Going to the store, the post office, wherever the hell I had to go it’d always be in that dress. And I’m saying this as a girl far more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.

See more photos at the original Croatian news site.

In addition to the snapshots there’s some video of the actors’ arrival, too.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on March 31st. That’s only 135 days from now! Not, that uh, I’m keeping count.

And hey, speaking of Game of Thrones, who else feels Peter Dinklage was robbed at the Emmy’s?!?

Source: Winter is Coming

Filming is almost complete on the second season of Game of Thrones and we’re anxiously awaiting its premiere, April 1st on HBO. In the continued trickle of promotional material HBO has released another production video, this one focusing on the filming in Croatia, which is serving as both King’s Landing, Qarth and various other locales.

I particularly love the glimpses of Daenerys dressed to visit Qarth, one of the first stops on her new Eastern adventure. Makes me wonder if we’ll see Emilia Clarke in traditional Qartheen garb, a dress that bares one breast? Not from what we see in this video, but this is HBO, I can’t imagine they’d shy away from a bare tittie.

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