It’s a crossbow, a slingshot, it’s an act of unholy God capable of taking you off your feet from across the hall. When the zombie apocalypse comes, those flesh hounds won’t stand a chance against this little wooden number. Some people are going to be wasting round after round trying to down a rotten corpse, but all you need is this bad ass machete tossing death machine. Either this is the single best thing made in shop class or this guy really wants to give Max Brooks a run for his money.

This ain’t your daddy’s crossbow

Yeah, it brings fear to the hearts of many and it’s looks so simple to operate too; the ever simple point and shoot. The only difference is that your not some pussy using arrows, your using a real man’s arrow. Sadly even with it’s ability to make even a boy scout weep with jealousy this isn’t the best of weapons to use when the undead come back (and they will):

  • It’s six feet long. While it’s as long as I am hung it isn’t the best to use in a tight hallway or emergency.
  • Ammo won’t be the most plentiful, you’re tossing around big slabs of sharpen metal that can’t just be reloaded with an ammo clip.
  • If you miss you’re screwed.
  • The guy even admits that this is only good for attracting attention from viewers on Youtube.

Don’t believe me then check out this home-made zombie chopper for yourself, actual shooting goes down at 1:37 and 2:30.

Via: Geekologie