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Many of us were consumed with grief and agony when we first heard that the much-beloved, Brandon Lee-starring movie, The Crow was to be rebooted.  Although it’s been 20 years since the original, personally I’m still not ready for it.  And many of us rolled our eyes upon hearing that Luke Evans would be taking the lead role in the new flick.  Now, Evans is talking a little about the remake and urging fans not to despair just yet.

While chatting with him about the just-released Fast & Furious 6, Empire Magazine turned the conversation toward the new Crow.  Evans had this to say:

It’s a great script, really great script, a fantastic director – Javier Gutierrez, a Spanish director whose work is fantastic. We’ve been chatting about it for a while now, it’s been sort of simmering away and I have a lot of passion for that role. I remember it vividly from when I was a kid. It still resonates to this day.

I hope people will be able to sort of enjoy a new version of the story and allow a fresh set of eyes on it and don’t worry too much about it being exactly like the last one. You know, because I think there is a bit of a cult following to this. People have a sort of ownership of the original. But it’s been twenty years this year, it’s quite a long time since. I’m very happy about it.

I have to say, I am a bit confused.  At first I heard that the new movie was going to be an almost exact replica of the original movie.  Now, Evans appears to be suggesting that it’s going to be different.  I guess that we’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings and whether The Crow will shape up to be something worth seeing.  Until then, I will continue to mope and stick pins into my Luke Evans voodoo doll.


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Since our lovely readers surely haven’t had enough of reboot and remake rumors, here’s the latest from that Crow reboot Hollywood’s been talking about.  Even though many of us may be utterly appalled by the project, the cash at the end of the tunnel is too bright and it will be going forward with or without us.  They’re currently searching for their leading man and though Tom Hiddleston was previously rumored, it now looks like someone else may be the top man in the running – True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard.

According to fellow media-spam site, Deadline:

The guy to keep an eye on here is True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, who is getting numerous offers since his plans to star for David Yates in Tarzan died on the vine when Warner Bros halted the project over budget. No formal offer yet, but it sounds to me like it’s Skarsgard’s role if he wants it, in the F. Javier Gutierrez-directed film series relaunch.

Yup, it’s really little more than more speculation, but what did you expect?

No matter who they choose, they’re going to have to do some serious super-stunt to get this one to sell to Crow fans.  Personally, the only way I’d even consider buying a ticket was if they decided to follow the original James O’Barr storyline, so that we could see something different.  Oh, and leave the True Blood “actors” out of it, please.

Any opinions from the peanut gallery?


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