Cruella De Vil


There was once an idea about fairy tale characters making a life for themselves in the real world, struggling to get by in a strange and terrifying world that’s far, far different then the one they came from, and that idea was Fables. Kidding aside, it is also the idea behind Once Upon a Time, the weekly adventures of a bunch of fairy tale characters trying to make a life for themselves in a small Maine town called Storybrooke. Granted, the show is a great deal more Disney-oriented than Fables (see the current Frozen story arc), which is understandable given that Disney itself produces the show, so naturally one should expect more Disney characters with every new storyline. To wit, prepare to welcome a certain duplicitous half sea witch, half octopus to town. (more…)

Disney to Make Live-Action Cruella De Vil Flick


Following in the footsteps of Maleficent–the upcoming live-action film about the iconic evil sorceress from Sleeping BeautyDisney is reportedly working on a standalone film starring everyone’s favorite diabolical fashionista and PETA’s worst nightmare: Cruella De Vil.

The movie will be entitled Cruella, and Aline Brosh McKenna, who recently worked on Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Cinderella, has been tapped to pen the script.

No details have yet been made available regarding plot or casting, but it seems likely the film will take place prior to the events of 101 Dalmatians…. if so, then it seems unlikely that Glenn Close (who played the villainess in the 1996 live-action version of the animated Disney classic, and its sequel) will reprise the role.

Source: Geek Tyrant