Star Wars Turned Into Western Wars

SILLOF is a very talented custom action figure creator. Pictured above is his version of a western Star Wars. The concept isn’t new or exciting (Everyone these days is Steam-punking this or Samurai-ing that) but his figures are true works of art. SILLOF captures the feeling of the original characters and makes you believe. One feature I loved about his site is the action figure of himself in his “About SILLOF” page.

That is cool, if your gonna be a kick-ass action figure maker then you should have your own action figure! You can click through the jump to see each individual Western Wars figure up close but before you do that let me tell you what really got my Nerdbastard juices going. SILLOF’s other custom action figure collections. He has the sets up for sale on his site. Don’t be drinking anything hot while you check the prices though, you might burn something, but don’t get me wrong, these are one of a kind pieces of artwork and as such command such prices.

Check out the full roster below, and head over to Sillof’s site for more awesomeness.

via: unrealitymag


ExtinctionBy the time the Dinobots came out, I’d pretty much given up on getting Transformers. However, if this custom job had been an actual Generation 1 offering, I would’ve sold my left nut to have it.

Mixmaster-g1A Transformers customizer called frenzy_rumble took the five Dinobots–Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop–and made them into a mega Dinobot: Extinction. To be more precise, he made custom figures of them, which is no small matter, and made those into Extinction.

How pants-crappingly awesome is this? Extinction could totally kick Devastator‘s ass.

I had a grand total of one Transformer as a kid. Mixmaster. Yeah, I had Devastator’s foot. Wheee.

After you finish feeling sorry for my deprived childhood, head over to Seibertron to see more pictures.

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