Shortly after the first Jurassic World trailer hit, which focused a lot of attention on the new genetically modified D-Rex without really actually showing what might be the most dangerous creature on the planet, a picture of the D-Rex has hit the Internet. While that is interesting, there’s another little tid-bit found on the Jurassic World website that might get many long time Jurassic Park fans even more excited. (more…)


Every new Jurassic Park movie has featured a new dinosaur – or two, or three – to plague the brave humans crazy enough to go to an island filled with creatures whose Latin name is derived from the term “terrible lizards.” Speaking of terrible, it seems that some terrible things are in store for the characters in the upcoming fourth Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World. The new film directed by Colin Trevorrow will feature some never-before-seen animals, and while we have yet to see any finished footage from the film (more on that later), we have now, apparently, gotten a look at one of those new dinosaurs featured in it. “Look” is a relative term in this case, but despite the, ahem, scale, it gives you a pretty good idea of what Trevorrow et al are cooking up. (more…)