I know that as nerds we obsess over the fine details of everything. We like quantify and categorize and structuring our little realms and apply real world dynamics and logistics to them. How much would is cost to be Batman? How much would it cost to be Iron Man? How much would all the property damage committed by the Chitauri in The Avengers cost? But really, what are the odds that any of that stuff could happen? Having a little boy though that is as destructive as an F1 tornado? Now that’s something believable we can get our calculators out for! A recent journal article aimed to quantify one of the key nerd queries of our time: Just how much damage did Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes cause during his 10 years of carnage on the comics page? (more…)

51r3aWwbMEL._SL500_AA300_Hello folks, it’s a Tuesday and that means we got DVDs coming out today like always, I wonder if it will ever just be called Blu-Ray Tuesday in the near future. Anyways, NerdBastards will once again provide you the info on rather to Buy, Rent, or Pass on the following DVDs and also, the Anime DVD of the week. Now join us and check after the jump as there is one DVD that just made me go utter shock as to why it was released. (more…)