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Everyone loves it when modern creators take classic characters and stories beloved by millions and update it all to fit in better with the modern artistic palate. That sentence, of course, is sarcasm. In any event, in a move that will surely divide people along strict partisan lines, DC Comics has announced that many of their top creators including Jim Lee, Jeff Porter, Amanda Connor, Howard Porter, and Evan “Doc” Shanner, are bringing back brand new versions of classic cartoons from Hanna Barbera. The Flintstones, Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, and Scooby Doo will all be back in new stories from DC Comics, and wait till you see the artwork! (more…)


Considering Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns series kicked off back in 1986, it’s a legitimate question as to why DC would choose now to reveal its conclusion, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. The answer appears to be that Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns comic arc. Miller will be co-writing with Brian Azzarello, who has written titles like 100 Bullets, Batman: Flashpoint, and Wonder Woman. Starting this fall and marking the 30th anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns original run, the 8-part series will be published on a twice-monthly schedule. (more…)

dc-post-new-52The New 52 is dead. Long live the New 52 (sorta)!

Earlier today, DC Comics announced that following this spring’s Convergence event their entire line-up will be overhauled and a bold new direction for the comic company will begin, one focused on diversity, accessibility, and every other buzzword comic book companies use to describe major shake-ups such as this.

Still, when you look into the details it seems that DC might have some method to this madness. Fresh talent working with long time veterans. Bestselling fan-favorite series will be joined by a very interesting (and surprising) list of new titles. (more…)


Convergence. Sweet name for a crossover, right? Especially when you’re bringing various universes together. Well done, DC Comics. Yes, DC has announced their next, great, universe-altering comic book crossover, and it is called Convergence. The events of Convergence will be spun out of the events being currently portrayed in the final issues of The New 52: Future’s End and Earth 2: World’s End, so if you read those you might have a better understanding where all this is going, but for the rest of you, you’re going to have to muddle through the complexities of multiverses and timelines it order to get a handle on the situation. Good thing this series isn’t starting till April because you may be required to do some homework on this one. (more…)

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.18.57 PM

There are some Christmas presents that just beat the living crap out of everything else. Forget the new Playstation 4, shrug off the gift card packed with money and dismiss the promises of bizarre sexual favors from your significant other. When a famous comic company like DC decides they’re going to name one of their super heroes after you, there’s nothing that can compare. And that’s just what happened to one well-known cosplayer by the name of Eric “The Smoke” Moran. (more…)

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This week on The Bastardcast: Christmapocalypse Edition, Jason and Jeremy dish on bullpoop Star Wars rumors, Transformers, the pain of Pain and Gain, broken penises, The Imprisonment of the Scar Jo Boob Bandit, faux hawk baby-napper, the gender neutral Easy Bake oven, and the end of the damn world. Plus: A very Jewey Christmas Message from Jason.

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Whew! After what was months of talking out the ass about Marvel it seems DC is reminding us why they’re the other half of the “Big Two.” We’ve heard they’re really moving ahead with a Justice League movie and it’ll supposedly be darker and more mature than we’d expect. They’re actually going to attempt a Wonder Woman movie. And now it’s being reported DC and Warner Bros. have even more super hero movies planned.

Variety‘s got the scoop on all of DC and WB’s plans, which also now include Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Lobo, the Suicide Squad and Shazam movies. That’s a lot of projects lined up and it sounds pretty damn ambitious. The first thing we’ll be seeing in theatres of course in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, but there’s been little in the way of promotion for that. I expect they’re holding back until San Diego Comic-Con, where they’ll likely be releasing the first bit of footage. In addition to Man of Steel and the half dozen other proposed super hero movies, WB will likely be rebooting Batman very soon. With so many plans for so many super hero movies you’d think WB only just remembered they owned these comic book properties at all!

Hit the jump for news on Teen Titans GO!‘s return as well as what books DC is rolling out for their third wave of the New 52.


DC’s New 52 Tops Marvel Again

In the comic book publishing game Marvel has been the undisputed sales leader since the early 90’s with DC always settling for 2nd place. Take for example March of this year, Diamond Comic Distributors reported that 45% of comics bought were Marvel while DC checked in at a paltry 31.5%.

Then Dan DiDio and Jim Lee (DC Comics c0-publishers) hit the big old reset button and launched the New 52, all new number ones and a ‘fresh’ continuity. Was it a ploy to boost sales? Hell yea, everyone knows first issues sell. Nerds everywhere buy 3 copies, one to read, one to pay for their kids college and one to flip into a house boat when they retire. DC walked away with  43% of the direct comics market in September to Marvel’s 38%. No one was surprised.

Obviously October would balance out, right? Fewer people would buy DC’s number 2’s, Marvel will fire back with a couple of its core titles relaunching at number one and the status quo would return, right?


More than one in every two comics sold by Diamond Distributors was a DC comic.

DC Comics secured 50.97% of sales to Marvel’s 20.29%, including seven of the top stops. The top six comics for October were Justice League, Batman, Action Comics, Green Lantern, Flash and Detective Comics with Marvel’s own relaunches of Hulk and X-Men coming in at 7th and 8th respectively. Overall comics sales are up too.  From September to October sales are up just shy of 7% and compared to this time last year? An astonishing 30% In just one year, comics sales have risen by a third.

At the risk of inflating Mr. DiDio and Lee’s egos a little more, DAMN DC you did good. You don’t have to be a market specialist to see that the New 52 and its plan to boost not only DC’s sales but the industry as a whole seems to be working. These new sales are not so much at the expense of the other publishers, they are the new and lapsed readers that the whole scheme was meant to rope back in and increasing the regular readers monthly purchase. The industry just might be turning back its downward trend.

Hopefully that is the case.

So whats next? DC Comics is going to have to work to maintain this lead, personally I have already started to trim a few titles. Marvel is going to have to do something, they done well maintaining the same continuity throughout the publishers history, relying mainly on small retcons and stunts like ‘Heroes Reborn’ or offshoot continuities like the Ultimate brand – think this might force them into their own reboot?

source: Bleeding Cool

We’ve been up and down DC’s New 52, the comic publishers make or break reboot/relaunch/rewhatever. It was a bold move meant to re-energize says for the company, maybe even the industry. So how has it preformed? Um, better than my cynical ass thought it would, and I was mostly on board for it.

DC comics has released some interesting sales numbers. Over the past 6 weeks, the New 52 has sold 5 million copies, that’s about 75,000 on the average for each book. 5 freakin million comic books, making this past month and a half the best they’ve done in about 20 years. That means its on par with the monster events like Batman’s “Knightfall”, the “DC vs Marvel” crossover and, yes, even the much hyped “Death of Superman” story line.

From The Source, the official DC Comics blog:

How many comic books are we talking about? With New York Comic Con kicking off tonight, let’s look to some of New York’s famous landmarks for some visual context. It takes (approximately):

· 2,090,880 comic books laid end to end to stretch from one end of New York State to the other. We’ve sold enough DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 first issues to span New York State in its entirety two times over.
· 174,480 comic books stacked on top of each other to reach the top of the Empire State Building. That’s every copy of GREEN LANTERN #1—with issues to spare.
· 36,600 comic books stacked in a pile to reach the top of the Statue of Liberty. That means copies of WONDER WOMAN #1 could reach the top of Lady Liberty almost three times.

Oh, and 5 million copies sold? That’s enough copies of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 to lay out and span the distance from New York to Chicago – with some left over.

Cute, but here’s some real numbers. The top seller so far is Justice League #1 with more than 250,000 copies. Action and Batman come in at just over 200,000. 150,000 issues sold for Detective, The Flash, Green Lantern and Superman. Aquaman, Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Green Lantern books Corps and New Guardians, and Wonder Woman have sold more than 100,000 copies a piece. That does make it look like it was a success, doesn’t it?

Noticeably absent are the b-listers and risk taking books. JLI, OMAC, Animal Man, Jonah Hex… Sure any comic with Batman on the cover next to a big number one is going to sell, you want to impress me? Sell a quarter million copies of a book featuring ‘Mazing Man, Mr. Didio.

I still say it is to early to really celebrate the next big age of comics, the industry is a shadow sales wise of its former self. That being said, I know the New 52 has had some success bringing in the lapsed reader. I was one and I know a great many more that have gone from spending $50 bucks a year on comics to spending that or more in a month. Maybe this Didio and crew have sparked some interest back in to comic books after all. Time will tell.

Personally, I bought all the new 52 books and it looks like I am doing this same this month.  That leaves about 4,999,999,927 issues being bought up by the rest of you…

Source: geek tyrant




Dan Didio, Senior VP/Executive Editor, Co-Publisher and, writer for DC Comics dropped a bombshell on his facebook today.

That loud sucking noise you are hearing is the DCnU losing cabin pressure. The Crisis events ( Crisis on Infinite EarthsZero Hour: Crisis in Time!Identity CrisisInfinite Crisis, and Final Crisis) the big cross-over event tent poles of the DC Universe, have been erased? It’s official folks, Mr. Didio is taking a scorched earth approach to the former continuity.

At the time of this writing the above FB status is all that has been said, but the twitterverse is huge flurry of nerd rage and geek confusion at this moment. (check it out for yourself) The mind truly boggles at the thought of this, without Final Crisis, how do you have Batman RIP? Without without Crisis on Infinite earths, the grand daddy of them all, how do you have ANYTHING? Without Zero Hour, how do you… wait, no that one can be erased, please let’s never think of it again.


Ok, let’s all remain calm and see what happens. Obviously a lot of what the various crisis events contained would be difficult to explain, what with the ‘5 year’ timeline of new DCU and a large number of key characters having major changes or being erased completely.

Is there method to this madness or does this just prove that Dan Didio has a full hate on for everything that DC Comics did before 5 weeks ago?

Source: Bleeding Cool