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The rich history of Superman places a burden on those who choose to sift through those 75 years of comics in search of identifying a finite batch of stories that define the character. Frankly, it is a fool’s errand that is guaranteed to rankle readers who have their own ideas about which Superman stories are must read, but that is part of the fun. So we have gone and done just that with an eye toward balance, historic significance, and good old fashioned quality.

Along the way, we hope that any missing tales don’t stand out like a beacon. With Superman’s 75 year history, an all inclusive list is difficult and impossible to narrow down to ten. What we hope to do is share these and maybe have you discover a few new tales or perspectives on the Last Son of Krypton that give new perspective on the hero.

Many call Superman a character that is often boring, over powered or impossible to relate to by those who haven’t looked deep enough into the character’s origins and his long journey from a scribble and a notion that fell out of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster‘s head. That is selling the story telling short. While the Man of Tomorrow is an orphaned alien from a distant world, he is a reflection of us, and has evolved with us for the last seven and a half decades.

The Superman “S” is the second most recognizable symbol in the world. He was the founding Father of the Superhero genre. A complex hero, an outcast, a Christ-like figure, a being comprised of unfathomable strength and virtue, a scared kid, a stoic old “man”, wounded, alone, a savior and someone who has been saved. Superman has been all of these things throughout his existence, and we hope that these stories demonstrate that, so without further ado, we present the Ten Superman Comics that Everyone Should Read. (more…)

With Batman wrapped up, Superman set for next summer, and Green Arrow coming to TV in the fall you might be wondering what other super heroes DC and Warner Bros. want to get in motion. Well, we haven’t heard much about it since its announcement, but work is progressing on that Booster Gold television series for Syfy,

At this year’s Comic-Con writer Andrew Kreisberg gave an update to KSiteTV letting everyone know where he is in getting Booster and Skeets to primetime,

Yes! I’m actually turning that [script] in next month. It was very cool; I got to meet Dan Jurgens last night, who created the character and the comic book, who I had never met before. So I spent a lot of time explaining to him what a fan I was, so he didn’t think I was some random gun for hire who was going to ruin his baby.

It isn’t clear, but hopefully he got Jurgens’ blessing. And if Syfy is only receiving the script next month I’m guess we’ve still got a while before the show gets into production. Maybe we’ll see a pilot in another year or so?

Do you think Booster is a smart choice for DC’s next foray into television? Think he can garner the same kind of appeal he has in comics or will the loveable, arrogant super hero not transition well to the small screen?

Source: MTV’s Splash Page

 We’re back to the high point of the week (for comic nerds that is), it’s another new comics Wednesday. If it’s a high point, why are so many people so low?

Yes, there are a lot of things we could talk about to open up AotNCW this week, such as Image Comics celebrating its 20th anniversary, happy b’day you plucky little upstart, keep fighting for the creative types, down with the suits! However, I can’t stop it, we have to address the giant blue naked dude in the room.


When the news hit this morning it wasn’t a surprise (Bleeding Cool broke and rebroke this story months ago), but it did slowly settle in some shock. They are really going to try this? They are going to muddle with The Watchmen? It’s the damn holy bible of comics, it is untouchable, may their faces melt of like that one Nazi’s at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Around my third cup of coffee my rage starts to subside a little. oh sure I kept up with what people were saying on twitter on the matter, if you don’t want to scan through a days worth of tweets here’s a summary. No one thinks its a good idea, everyone hates it. When I finally made it to my local comic store, I ducked in quick and grabbed some books and got out, the heated discussion about how it is the worst thing ever was there too.

Is it really that bad? Yes, my apathy started to set in a little and I got to thinking. Yes, The Watchmen was a damn special little book filled with some wonderfully flawed characters and a mind blowing story. Yes, it can probably take credit for giving the industry a level of respect it hadn’t seen in a long time (if ever). Is it really untouchable though? Every other damn character in comics has been done, redone, flipped over, butchered, remade and recycled. Hell, the Watchmen are retreads of Charlton Comics characters themselves. For crying out loud, Alan Moore  has made a habit taking ‘classic’ characters and telling new stories about them (Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan, and Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  in Lost Girls and everyone in every edition of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)  What makes the Watchmen so special that they can’t be run around a bit and explored.

There is a chance a couple of good stories out if. If it’s not good, don’t buy it? Yes, this could be the biggest stink burger of a book DC (or any one for that matter) has ever put out or it could turn out to be a nice little addition to this slice of comicdom. The nice thing about comic books is the story doesn’t have to end, it can grow and evolve and continue. Let’s see what the various creative teams have to offer before we ride them out on a rail.

I could go on, but we do have some books to get to this week, don’t we. Like I said, I did’t spend much time before the racks today, luckily I knew what I was getting. Bucky is back and all Mission Impossible in his new book, so we have that. The newest incarnation of the Justice League International wraps up its first arc and, since it’s their birthday, I check out Images book about killer ladies in the 80’s

Your rapid fire and possible spoiler filled reviews start after the jump.